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Hi I'm Emmy

I'm a pianist, guitarist, riverdancer, tap dancer, singer, and recording artist. I love my Heavenly Father! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'M A MORMON! I am 20, and I am a now student at Whatcom Community College, before Southern Utah University. I am a self- taught pianist/ guitarist, who works every week to record and make more music! And I love to sing SOOOOO much. I want my songs to be one of those songs people put on when they're having a bad day and it makes them feel better. I was a declared biology/ chemistry major with a dance minor at SUU, but after getting into a car accident I have since left SUU and decided to start following my dream to become a professional musician. I also like learning languages though, and have considered becoming a translator. I speak Japanese and English fluently, am 1/3 fluent in Spanish, 1/4 fluent in French, and I've got a little bit of Welsh that I know too. I love riverdancing and tapdancing and... well, dancing in general. You can't be an angry dancer, there's too much fun. Oh, and I love smiling! Smiling is my favorite thing, right next to food. I was also a model for 206 Model Management, and I loved it. God has blessed me with so many opportunities and has allowed me to meet so many people, and I'm so thankful for it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a very strong testimony of my Heavenly Father and His miracles. I found God when I was in Grade 5 in the form of youth group. Life was really hard for me when I was growing up. My mother is mentally ill; it was difficult growing up in a highly abusive household. She did not want religion in my life because she doesn't believe in God. It was exhausting everyday trying juggle learning about my Heavenly Father and my mother's temper. Of course, no one wants to make their mother sad, or angry, or disappointed. I still will always love my Mom. But I knew there was something special about God, and so I constantly hid how much I was learning and praying. I found the Episopalian church when I was in Grade 9. It just didn't feel right, though. Something always felt like it was missing. In the late summer of 2013, I started taking the missionary lessons and realized how right this church felt. I realized I truly believed everything that this church teaches. I announced to my parents that I was going to be a Mormon. My father told me under no circumstance was a Mormon going to live under his roof. I cried all afternoon, and prayed (key here: I prayed. Prayer fixes EVERYTHING). I called the missionaries. I was so heartbroken and honestly, a little terrified. That very night my friend Katie called me and told me I was going to move in with her and her family- they were going to be my family! I was baptized on 15 September 2013 and confirmed the week after. I've never been happier. This church brings greater joy than any words in any language could ever describe. I know that no matter when things get tough, the church is there to keep me standing. Heavenly Father watches out for me everyday, Jesus loves me more than I'll ever know, and the Holy Ghost guides me always. They were kind enough to give me such a wonderful life with this beautiful gospel, the least I can do for them is be the very best Mormon that I can and live to the full extent of every calling I ever get.

How I live my faith

I converted in August/ September of 2013, from the Episcopal church. Being a convert, I find that I tell my conversion story quite often. Telling it to members and nonmembers alike I've found that it not only strengthens my testimony of this church and puts faith in me that I made the right decision, but it also allows me to be able to share what this church teaches and allows me to talk to people who don't know much about the church from the standpoint of someone who wasn't born in it. I try my best to be someone that investigators can talk to about the hard steps of converting (i.e., telling family and friends), and someone that the missionaries can count on if they need someone at lessons. Anything I can do to help someone along the spiritual path, I am so there!

What is faith?

Faith is knowing something is true without actually having evidence shoved in your face. You trust that it's true. Imagine life as a dark tunnel. You have no light source. You know, however, that there is a door ahead of you. That door is Heaven. Even though it's dark, you hear a still, small voice guiding you to that door. It's telling you to just walk forward, don't meander off in any direction, just keep walking forward and you'll reach the door to the light (which is kind of like God telling us to do good, so that we can return to Him). Faith is knowing that if you listen to that still, small voice and keep walking forward, you'll reach that door. Just like how we know that having faith in our Heavenly Father will lead us to be with Him again. Sure, you don't have solid proof there's a door at all. Or even how far it is. And you don't know for certain that it's smack in front of you, but you trust it is. Your faith is what guides you to that door, like how we're guided to God. Show more Show less