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Hi I'm Brian Edwards

I study international relations and global business. I love to swim and ski. I do 3D puzzles. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I currently am a student at Brigham Young University studying International Relations and Global Business. I am the youngest of three children. As a kid my family and I would travel to different places. I have asked my parents about this and they say that instead of having a nice TV, cable, a boat, they would save their money to go to different places and learn about them. These travels as well as living in Brazil for two years on my mission have gotten me interested in traveling and studying international relations. I also love doing puzzles and have just recently discovered and enjoyed 3-D puzzles. I have a few in our apartment and they are great conversation starters. My grandma used to do puzzles and I give her credit for getting me involved in this great hobby. In high school I swam on my high school swim team. I was not always the fastest swimmer but I was given the "Most Team Spirit Award" all four years in high school. My family and I love to go skiing. My dad would take us as kids and teach us at a local ski resort. Once we were better we started going on harder hills until today we ski down just about every hill out there. Skiing has become a great family fun activity that I look forward to every season. I enjoy reading and being engaged in a good book as well. My favorite series as a child was the Prydain Chronicles which includes the story of the Black Cauldron. My favorite book is the fourth because the protagonist goes through major life changes to become a man.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon. It has been in my family for generations. I am grateful I grew up in the home and environment I did. It kept me on the path to when I needed to know for myself if the Church was true. I remember praying one night and asking if the Book of Mormon was true. I understood that if the Book of Mormon was true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet. If he was a prophet, then this must be the Church of Jesus Christ because it was organized through Joseph Smith. When I finished praying I opened the Book of Mormon to 2 Nephi 33:10. This scripture says that if you do not believe in the Book of Mormon, at least believe in Christ and that He is the Savior of the world. If you believe in this, then you will believe in the Book of Mormon because it testifies over and over and over again of this doctrine. I believed in Christ. I knew then as I know now that He died for me and my sins. To read and understand that the Book of Mormon talks of Him constantly helped me realize that it must be a true book. Because it is true, the Church and its teachings from a living prophet must be true as well. It is Christ's Church. He established it so that I can become like Him and Heavenly Father. I can have all that They have. And why would I not want that? They have all wisdom and all knowledge. They have everything in this world. They have perfect love for all people. I want these things. And I know that Christ created His Church so that I can have a place to learn those things I need to do to become like Heavenly Father. Through Christ and His Atonement I know this is possible. And I know that the Holy Ghost is given to men to help them choose the right and use Christ's Atonement to help us become like Heavenly Father. God is loving and wants the best for me. I know that and I feel that everyday. I am imperfect and fall short of perfection but never do I fall short of His love. I am a Mormon so I can learn of His love and one day love others the same way that He loves me.

How I live my faith

The first and foremost way that I live my faith is by being an example. I have always been taught that this gospel is the gospel of happiness and I should be happy living it. I have come to learn that by helping others I can be more happy because I know I am doing the Lord's work. I have seen this as I reach out to those in my community. In my local area, the Church created a group of young single adults to go to church and participate in the gospel together. Right now I work with the men in my area as a secretary to the leadership. I help plan activities, find ways to reach out to others, and make visits to those that need special attention. I used to be an Monday night activities leader. The Church supports families to get together every Monday night in our families to learn the gospel and have activities together. I was the leader for the this among the young single adults in my area. It was a lot of fun to reach out to individuals' needs and plan activities that would keep people engaged and participating. One time we had a cake decoration competition. Another time we wrote poems and told stories. Many friendships were made that still last to this day. I am super grateful I had this chance to serve those in my area. The best and most important way is to continue to keep a smile on my face. I have struggles in my life. But this gospel is one of happiness. I try to always look on the bright side, to see the cup as half full. I try to make someone's day everyday. I try to be happy always so that everyone can feel of the happiness I get of living the gospel. I choose happiness at the beginning of each day and I strive to continue to be happy the entire day. Reaching out to others helps me extend that happiness to other people.