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Hi I'm Ray & Vicky

Ray - born in Utah, grew up in Los Angeles, California. Served a mission to Mexico City. Vicky was raised in Acapulco.

About Me

Ray was raised in the church. He served a mission to Mexico City. A year and a half after his mission he married Vicky. He likes to hike, fish, work with wood, and tinker with things in the shop. He plays the violin Vicky joined the church as a 12 year old in Acapulco. She attended the church school in Mexico City - Benemerito de las Americas. She graduated as a teacher, and she taught first grade for a year in Monterrey, Mexico. Then she married Ray in the Los Angeles Temple. They lived for 16 years in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where their 4 children were born. They have lived in Silverton, Oregon for 20 years, both working as school teachers.

Why I am a Mormon

Ray grew up in the church, but did not gain his testimony till he was 19. "One night I had to know if this church was really true, if Joseph Smith really saw God." He knelt by the side of his bed late one night and offered a simple prayer. It was answered. "I felt like sure knowledge was being poured into me, warming me from head to toe - I knew Joseph Smith had seen God as surely as if I was standing there watching it happen." Shortly after that he served a mission to Mexico. Because of that prayer he has never had doubts - lots of questions about things he was learning, but never doubts about the truth. Vicky was 12 when her older brother found the missionaries in downtown Acapulco and invited them to come to his house and teach the family. Vicky didn't join in the first few times, but one time the missionary turned to her and kindly asked if she would like to join them. She felt his love and accepted. She felt the spirit while they taught. Her older brother was baptized first, then the rest of the family as the weeks followed. As she continued to attend church and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ she set a goal to someday marry someone who could take her to the temple. Her life is full of love for the Savior.

How I live my faith

Ray has worked in the church in many different callings: Young men's advisor, Primary teacher of 8 year olds, Ward Mission Leader, as counselor to 2 different bishops. Currently he works with a Spanish speaking branch in his area. Vicky was Primary President 3 different times, Young Women President, and Relief Society President. Currently she teaches a class of 9 year old children. She loves them!

Who was Joseph Smith?

Ray & Vicky
Joseph Smith was a regular young man. He was not extraordinary as a youth - worked on the family farm, helping to clear trees from fields, which is very hard work. He wanted to know which church to join, and he attended several of them in the area, but he was confused. One night he as reading in James, in the New Testament, where it says, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God . . . and it shall be given him." The message penetrated his heart and he pondered it for a long while. At length he went alone to a wooded area near his home and offered his prayer. You should read his account of the First Vision. Over the years he was guided by God to Restore the true gospel of Jesus Christ, to restore His church. He started very ordinary, but became very extraordinary. He had more visions, of angels, of ancient prophets (like Moses, Elijah, Peter, John), he translated the book of Mormon to English. And many more things. For this he is held in high esteem by many people - like myself. I know he was a prophet of God and I am more than grateful for all he did. Some people find it incredulous to believe what he says happened, and in their unbelief they malign Joseph Smith and make false accusations against him. It began 170 years ago, and the same myths persist today. As someone with a testimony of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith I can understand why some people cannot accept his claims. It is strange is that so many of the same lies are believed today by people who are educated. Show more Show less