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Hi I'm Miki

I'm a student, I'm an artist, and I'm a Mormon! :)

About Me

I am a student at Brigham Young University. Animation, both 3D digital and 2D traditional, have always been a passion of mine. Being half Japanese, I started out my hobby through anime and anime styled art. Then, after learning the basics, I branched out and can now draw in all kinds of different styles. After some years of practicing, I knew I wanted to take my passion somewhere more than just my own sketchbook. I decided to apply for the Animation Program at BYU, and to my surprise, was accepted! I am excited to continue my studies in pursuit of a BFA in Animation. It's my dream to work for a large animation studio, or even into something like special effects. One of my biggest dreams is to spread goodness and happiness into the lives of others through good, wholesome media-- something that seems to be becoming rare. I also have a love for music! I play the piano, the pennywhistle, the violin, the guitar, and I sing. I also want to spread goodness and happiness through the world with good music! Even if my impact may end up being "small" in terms of fame or recognition, I know I will be happy using the talents God gave me to help spread true happiness and build up His kingdom.

Why I am a Mormon

Interestingly enough, I've always been "Mormon"-- but I wasn't truly converted until I left for my mission. I grew up in the church, and I had always pretty much believed the doctrine too. But although I knew it in my head, I never had truly prayed about it and received a testimony (a spiritual confirmation of its truth). I was quite comfortable where I was and I suppose I just didn't feel the need to really know if it was true! I told myself that it was, and that was that-- no more investigation required, no heavy studying or praying required. After a few years, I decided to serve a mission. There were many reasons I decided to go, though I hadn't realized how weak my testimony was. I still remember day one, where I remember asking myself over and over, "What did I just get myself into??" It was at this time that I really started to question my faith. I began to realize that the "faith" I had before was shallow-rooted, that I hadn't truly studied it out before, nor had I asked God if it was true, and I never truly received an answer. I began to even doubt if there was a God (which as a missionary was not a fun experience!). It tore me to pieces and made me question the very foundations of what I believed. But after a few weeks, I decided that I wanted to know truth as it really is, and not what I wanted to believe. I started studying-- and I mean REALLY studying-- the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the talks by the apostles and prophets. I began asking questions I've never asked before. I began praying like I never had before, trying to see if there really was a God who'd answer my prayers. After many months, I did receive that answer. I received many, actually, but there came one answer so strong and so unmistakable that I cannot deny that it was something outside of my own psychology or wishful thinking-- it was, in fact, the Spirit telling me it was true. My testimony grew gradually from that day on, even until today. I now know for myself that it is true!

How I live my faith

As I live day to day, I try to keep the bigger perspective. While there are so many fun and cool things here on the Earth (especially Disney movies-- Disney and Pixar movies have a special place in my heart ;P ), I try to remember that the reason I'm here is to live my life the best I can and one day return to my Heavenly Father, where I can live eternally with him and my forever-family. When I remember that constantly, it changes the way I live my life. Suddenly, the small and insignificant annoyance in life take a back seat to what really matters. The things that don't truly matter suddenly pale in comparison to the glorious destiny that I strive for. It makes me really see clearly what really matters-- and what doesn't matter at all, in the eternal scheme of things. That's why I use my talents for this purpose! I don't just draw-- I practice, so that I can eventually create masterpieces or films that will bring people closer to Christ. I don't just compose music, but I compose music that brings happiness and lets the Spirit be felt. Everything I do is with the final goal in mind, to live as best as I can to get back to Heavenly Father, and to bring as many people with me as I can. What's Heaven without my family and friends? Every day I try to serve those around me and be a friend to all regardless of who they are. I am truly happy when I live this way even though sometimes it can honestly be difficult! I feel happy knowing that I am doing good to those around me and have dedicated my time and talents to the things that matter most.