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Hi I'm Billie Rae Harris

A"senior southern sister" from Florida. I grew up in West Virginia. Going on a mission to Texas,so yes, I'm a Mormon !

About Me

Since retiring I was a care giver for my parents and late husband. I have done volunteer work at our local hospital, library and the LDS Temple in Orlando Fl. Before retiring I worked part time at a Bridal Shop helping the brides. I was fortunate to be a stay at home Mom and was involved in my two childrens activities. as a homeroom mother, helping in the clinic, teaching art classes, and soccer Mom.Once they were in Jr.High a friend and I started an Air-condictioned Playground for Children and parents.It was also helpful for children with emotional and physical disabilities. When the children were 3 and 13 we moved from Fl. to New Hamshire and after only a year that had more snow than they'd had in 20 years we moved back to Fl for good ! Before I married I went to BYU,where I majored in Clothing and Textiles. Later went to Cosmetogoly school and had a exciting career as a Hairstylist. I went to N.Y.and D.C. for additional stying classes and did several TV shows for a client who had a local talk show.As a young woman I had a five gated horse, enjoyed water skiing and ice skating. As an adult I've been a collector of American Fosotria glass because my parent started collecting it over 50 years ago. All these experiences and my church callings have helped me have a full and rewarding life.

Why I am a Mormon

I feel being a member of my church helps me to live my life with more hope. Not just in the good times but also in the difficult times.Having a religion in your life doesn't mean life will be perfect. It does mean that you will have stored up those feeling of faith and hope inside your "well" so when the hard times come along you will have something to draw from.In the last ten years I've lost six member of my family. They were good, caring people and while I miss them more than words can express, I know some day we will be together again. They have just gone ahead of us, and they will be there to greet the rest of us someday. I have many friend out side the church and they often ask me, "after all that's happened you lately how I can still be so happy"? I guess it's a matter of faith.There are times you will feel a little sad because you miss them, that's normal. However If your religion can not give you that inter peace, to deal with loss and problems then it's not doing you much good, is it ? I feel their are so many good people in this world who feel there is something missing in their lives. I feel our church has that missing peice to the puzzle.This year I've decided to serve a mission, and I hope to have the opportunity to share it with others. I know God lives and I know he loves us.. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He restored the church to the earth and died for those beliefs. The very least we can do, is share the message he so bravely died for.

How I live my faith

I grew up in W.V. as the only Mormon in my high school. I didn't find that a problem because back in those days all of my friends had the same standards I had. They did not drink or smoke or do drugs. In fact we never hear the word "drugs" mentioned.In fact for a small southern town our community was very considerate of all religions and nationalties. My parent were active in the community and had two businesses so everyone knew we were "Mormons" and we were well thought of. When I graduated from highschool I went to Brigham Young University in Provo,Utah. It was excitng to be around so many Mormons and to hear such spiritual talks not only at church but at school assemblies. My testimony of the truefulness of my religion really grew during this early time of my life. In 1965 I married a return missionary from Calif. in the L.A. Temple and we went back to WV to start our life. Unfortunatley before we were even married a year he died of complications due to diabetes. I had just found out I was expecting our first child, a son. It was a difficult time but with a suportive family and the faith my religion had given me I was able to survive the ordeal. I knew that our families would be eternal part of our progression in the here after.I happily l raised my son with the help of family, friends, in the church and community until he was around four. Later I met a wonderful man who had two children and we were married for 38 years. ( he passed a year and half ago) We lived in the DC area when the Temple there was built and enjoyed the friends we met there. Two years later we moved to Florida and imediately I was ask to be the Pres. of the woman's church group. I accepted not knowing I would have my little girl that same year ! The kids are all still close, and we visit often !