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Hi I'm Orrin

I ran a produce farm. I love analytics. I enjoy century rides. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to grow and eat fresh produce; we have a large garden and 17 fruit trees clustered in our yard. Being able to walk around barefooted in the garden or to till it up, plant and sprout seeds, and then water and train the plants is very therapeutic and fulfilling; but I must admit the best part is biting in to fresh corn, tomatoes, peas etc. before they ever make it into the house. I enjoy tinkering with cars and on other housing projects. I am grateful to my dad and grandpas and others who have shared those skills with me. As a family we are avid bikers and like riding on all the trails in our community. We spend a lot of time outdoors camping and fishing. To help the kids earn some spending money and learn to work we walk around and collect aluminum cans and cash them in at recycling centers. One time we found a bridge by our house where people love to party and the kids made the equivalent of $12.00 an hour for about 2 hours collecting cans. I love going to international markets and restaurants and trying food from around the world; my attitude is I will try it once and then go from there. Whether it be curry, or pupusas, roti or tamales, ceviche or spicy szechuan chicken, or injera or mastic you can count me in.

Why I am a Mormon

This is a difficult question to answer in so little space. It is a process and not a single event or experience. I have tried to generalize this process into 3 broad categories. The first is an initial spiritual experience, followed by a time of challenge and learning, the last is the amassing of experiences along the way that is my motivation to try and live the gospel. I am grateful that at a very young age I became interested in reading the Book of Mormon. The peace I felt then has served as a foundation as I grew and learned more about life in general and the gospel. Looking back it seemed as though my next stage was more about fact finding and justification. Things like the Word of Wisdom (inspired code of health) and the anecdotal evidence that drugs and alcohol are not good for us made sense. During this stage I found many great answers and support for what was taught. It also seemed there were always new questions or challenges. I am in full support of the idea of self-sufficiency that ranges from spiritual learning to physical needs. I think it is wonderful that we are always encouraged to seek an answer or confirmation for ourselves and that so much of the service offered by and through church is to empower us as individuals and make us more self-reliant. As I have gone through this process over time I have had additional experiences as Elder Bednar terms as “Tender Mercies of the Lord” (great conference talk to search out and read by the way); that have provided a greater confidence and conviction than the other learning stage could provide alone. These tender mercies have given me the confidence to know that God lives and knows me individually and is genuinely concerned about my greatest good. I know He follows clear patterns of truth to guide and inspire us today. I have found those as I live the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that in a nutshell is why I am Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a very personal endeavor. It begins by strengthening my relationship with God by studying my scriptures and praying throughout the day. I then try to do what is I know is right. I try to encourage these same values in my children by having family scriptures and prayers and family home evenings. We look for ways to be examples to others by standing up for what we believe in. At church I currently serve by teaching a Sunday School class for the 12 and 13 year olds. I have worked with scouts and cub scouts and helped coordinate the missionary work.