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Hi I'm Joyce

I am also called Mom; Grandma; and Great-grandma. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 5 great-grand children, and all of them live at a distance from me. In the early 90's after I became disabled and could no longer work as a nurse, I learned how to make websites. I have enjoyed reading all of my life, but now the scriptures are my favorite reading. I want to learn more about genealogy. I grew up during the 2nd world war on a farm in Maryland. My grandparents were Baptist: Grandmother encouraged me to read and study the bible. I have loved Jesus all of my life. I was taught to tithe; to memorize the passages in the bible that touched my heart, so that I always have them near to comfort me when I needed help. My mother was a very honest, plain spoken person, and instilled in me the desire to always be honest ("there is no such thing as a little white lie; a lie is a lie") She said that she believed in and loved God and Jesus, tried to live by His teachings, but she had come to not believe in religion, and felt that a person's faith was a private thing. Anyone could act pious, but it was how you lived that mattered. I was never very comfortable just talking about my faith; what mattered was to strive to live it, and pray in silence, privately, and to be kind and helpful whenever I could, and to always strive to do my very best in any endeavor.

Why I am a Mormon

This is kind of a long story. I always read a lot, I loved learning new things. When I was about 10 or 11 years old, I brought the Book of Mormon home from the library. I was so excited about the story of Joseph Smiths' praying in the woods, and seeing God and Jesus, and the golden tablets. ...but when I told my mom and grandma about it they kindly told me that Mormons were a cult, which meant that none of it was true. I cried and prayed a lot, for I so longed for it to be true. Grandma said that the bible was true, and all we needed was the bible, and that God did not talk to people. I told her that I could not believe that God used to be able to talk to people, but had forgotten how to. They were both kind and gentle with me, but I absolutely knew that once the Book of Mormon went back to the library, I would not be allowed to check it out again. So I stayed up nights reading the Book of Mormon by flashlight, under the covers. Over the years I did kind of forgot about the book, but I kept searching many religions to find the truth. I did not want/need just a philosophy, but rather a living church - a community that lived the teachings of Christ as a daily way of life. ...Sometimes when I prayed I would feel the presence of Spirit with me, a sense of warmth, peace and comfort - but could not "stay there". In 2010 the Missionaries came to teach me about the church. We read and studied from the Book of Mormon on a regular basis, but I was not sure about being baptized. They said I could call them if I had questions or would like to speak with them again. I read the whole Book of Mormon, and prayed often. By then I knew the book is true, but felt I was not good enough, AND I had lost their phone number. I felt sadder and sadder, like my heart was breaking. Finally in 2013 I went to mormon.org and sent an email requesting that the missionaries come talk with me. By then I knew that I wanted to be baptized. I was baptized in September of 2013.

How I live my faith

I am so grateful to the missionaries, and the other church teachers, who mentor me and also answer questions that come up as I learn more. I am halfway through reading the Book of Mormon for the second time, and it seems like there are more things there now than the first time I read it| I know that the church is true, that Jesus Christ is my savior; that God still speaks to His children, sometimes in small quiet ways to one individual, sometimes through the living prophets; and that I have been forgiven of my sins, and can begin anew to be the best "me" that I can be. I strive: To follow the 10 commandments; To attend church regularly; To pray, and to read the scriptures, daily; To remember the grace of Gratitude; To keep a journal, and note the bad habits that can creep in; pray for forgiveness, and work to correct them; To always remember how sad I was before I joined the church, and how precious is the joy that I now feel. To endure to the end.