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Hi I'm Jake Stewart

I'm a Drummer, Artist, and Full-time Missionary. I'm a proud Texan. I grew up with Asperger's Syndrome. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love Texas. It's really the only state I've lived in, so forgive the bias. I'm the one crazy person who actually enjoys the humidity here. For a lot of other people, the thick "swampy-sweaty" feeling makes them uncomfortable, but I like it a lot. You're not having fun if you don't break into a sweat now and again! When I tell people that I have Asperger's, it's funny to see their eyes light up with curiosity, like, "You do? You seem so...normal!" But it's true; I was diagnosed when I was around 7 years old. I would have a hard time expressing myself, so my behavior became dysfunctional; I didn't know how to socialize or play with other kids. I would get over-stimulated as well. We moved to the Austin area while I was still in Elementary School, where we found teachers and superintendents patient enough to help me work through it. I went through a few years of speech therapy, and was enrolled in a creative projects class called QUEST. That was when I started to develop social skills and discovered my creative talents. It's not as bad now; I may stumble with my words now and again or get frustrated, but not much more than other people do. I'm honestly grateful that I had struggled, because of the way I can relate to others who struggle with the same thing. I also have this undying passion for expressing myself in creative outlets, such as story-writing, painting, drawing and playing the drums. The drums are my favorite; nothing better than hitting things with sticks!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a member of the Church along with the rest of my family, but I'm proud to say that the knowledge of the truth that I have is my own; it's not borrowed from someone else's testimony. I'm not gonna lie, though. It wasn't easy to obtain, and it certainly isn't a very easy thing to maintain. But so what? As John A. Shedd once wrote, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for"! Our testimonies are like the muscles in our bodies; they only get stronger by being tested, exercised, and even torn apart fiber by fiber. We shouldn't give up because it's hard. We get out the other end stronger than we were before if we just stay the course and be patient. We learn truth through the ways that our Heavenly Father has told us, through praying in faith and studying the scriptures. We become true to the things we learn by attending church, serving people, being kind and compassionate to all men, and never becoming complacent and satisfied with our progress spiritually. I found the strength to overcome my Asperger's through family and friends that never made excuses for me or let me be complacent with my behavior. So neither will I. I know that God is our Creator, our literal Father in Heaven, and He loves us beyond comprehension. His son, Jesus Christ, is proof of that. Christ came, suffered and died for us so we can overcome our challenges and mistakes. It's because of their love that each of us that we have a chance to live with them again, and be happy forever. What on earth could ever matter more?

How I live my faith

Regardless of what I do, whether it's my hobbies like music or art, to mundane things like what I cook, I always want to share it with others. My siblings tend to be annoyed when i'm constantly like, "Hey, you should try this!" or "Listen to this new song I found!" or "Check out this funny YouTube video!" or whatever, but I do it only because I struggled for a long time trying to find what makes me happy. It really doesn't make a difference big or small. By the time I find something that I do enjoy, I don't want to hog it, or else I feel selfish and guilty; I can't keep it to myself. As I always say, "The best things in life become even better when shared." The teachings that Jesus Christ and the prophets had taught in scripture are what make me happiest, and gives me hope that I can be happy with those I love forever. Because of my natural tendency to share things I love with others, I decided to serve for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These experiences that I'm having on my mission are memories that I will have for a lifetime. It's a thrill to watch people overcome their struggles and find greater happiness through the restored gospel. It's a greater trill to have made so many friends in Arizona, despite only being here for a short amount of time. These people have been such a good influence to me, and watching them grow in the gospel makes me want to improve and become a better person myself.