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Hi I'm Stan

Was business owner My wife and I are serving a volunteer church mission Found my faith in the Army Motorsports hobbyist

About Me

Was raised in an active Mormon family, but it didn't stick. No interest in religion. Unsuccessful in school. An Army Chaplain invited me to attend Church and read the Book of Mormon. I did, with genuine interest, for the first time. I prayed by my bunk in front of respectful mates. My prayers were answered that the Book of Mormon was true scripture and that Christ;s church was again on Earth. I changed important habits and began to excel and to gain confidence. and graduated #`1 in my Army course. My life improved because I made better choices. Now with faith, I wanted to serve a church mission, and did. It was the second turning point. I found great happiness in teaching of Jesus Christ and His church. My own faith and confidence increased too. Upon return I resumed university study and graduated with honors. (Earlier I had failed out.) In Los Angeles I met my wife. We married in the Church's Los Angeles Temple. Continued success came as I remained faithful to what I believed. Unimagined earlier, I was accepted at the #1 graduate school. 40 years later I have been a business owner. More important, we have raised 5 fine children. Retired, my wife and I are now serving a 2-year Church service mission in Dallas, Texas. I'm certain that my success and happiness traces to continued faith, good choices and service in the Church.. Have always been a motorsports nut. Anything fast, loud & impractical. Many hot rods. British cafe racers & 120 mph tunnel boats.

Why I am a Mormon

I have chosen to take an active part in the Mormon Church because it has made such an amazing difference in my life, beginning at age 20. There is no doubt that I was headed for a lifetime of trouble had I not responded to the invitation to read the Book of Mormon. Since then, it seems that every experience I've had has been touched in some way by my faith in Jesus Christ and trust in Him. Like everyone, I've felt despondent and without hope. But without exception, when I have called on heaven for help, it has come. I have learned not to expect the 'help' I have wanted. Sometimes it does not come like that. More often I am given patience or understanding, or the sight of a better direction than I had considered. I believe in a personal God, of whom I am a son. And He loves and supports me as my Father. He answers my prayers. He provides relief for me and to those for whom I pray. For me, the work of Jesus Christ is most important. Because I have made poor choices, especially as a young man, there were times when I have felt beyond saving. The only rescue I have found is my knowledge that Christ has promised me forgiveness as I repent. And, because I have felt His mercy in the lightening or removal of my load, I know it is true. His only motive is to help me, and each of us, come to Him again, after this life, and remain in His presence. Christ's resurrection, and thus mine, is one of the reasons I choose to obey. Knowing that this life is a test, and a short one at that, I become more responsible for my choices. As one who has felt the temporary 'pleasure' of bad choices, I know about habitual behavior and it's 'chaining' power. I want to be master of myself and of my future. With the Gospel guiding my life, I have perfect confidence in our loving God, in the resurrection to a better life and in the mercy of our Savior who lifts me from sin. The Gospel offers me the best of everything I value.

How I live my faith

I learned to serve from my parents, both of whom made lasting contributions to our community and to the Church. I also enjoy service. Both venues are important to me. I have served on the Boards of and been vice-president of the Philharmonic orchestra, the Children's museum and the Red Cross and have volunteered at a wildlife preserve. Also active in Boy Scouts leadership. My wife is also very active in community service. Great joy has come from Church service beginning with my mission and continuing. I am fortunate to have home taught the same families for 20 years. I knew their now grown children as infants. We are dear friends and have stood by each other through tragedy and success. Through church service I have strengthened other virtues. I am more patient with and welcoming of all. I appreciate the diversity of gifts each of us has and the value of each gift. I enjoy teaching and leadership. I am confident that there is a positive correlation between my Church service and career success. An increase in responsibility in one area has usually come at the same time as an increase in the other. Meeting the needs of those both, and being the active husband and father I want to be, has been challenging. But, I have found that with God's help I have prospered in all three. The order is important- Faith, family and career. Other Church service has included Sunday School leadership, working with young men and doing missionary work in my neighborhood and in the community. I learned life lessons from others while serving as the Bishop of a large congregation of 900 members. My leadership and teaching skills have been sharpened by serving as a Counselor in the Stake Presidency, two times (oversight of 10 congregations.) Recently my wife and I taught the older teens in Sunday School. These are outstanding young people; fully committed to the Gospel and eager to teach their friends. Now we are serving a service mission in Texas helping people with employment needs.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Our family lives about the same as most other families. Our values include my wife and me being equally committed to: Our marriage promises, Helping our children learn to make good choices and to be good citizens, Our children's happiness and success, Being good neighbors and friends, Taking a part in strengthening our community, Volunteering in the Church, and Enjoying the blessings life offers. That strong commitment to happiness in our family traces to some decisions my wife and I made when first married. We both wanted to be parents. We decided that our family would live solely on my income so that my wife could be more involved in our children's lives and in community service. To enable that and be in a position to help our children build skills, and help them through school, I sought more education in a graduate school with the goal of increasing my earning power throughout my career. As hoped, it did, and we have supported our children and enjoyed a full family life on my income. Our family life may be different than some. We read the scriptures and pray as a family every day. We worship as a family on Sunday and strive to keep that day holy. We plan many family activities where we all participate. We encourage our children early in life to decide who they are and what they stand for. We encourage them to be contributors. And to have the courage to defend what they believe while being respectful of others' ideas. Show more Show less