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Hi I'm Stephen

I'm a Mormon. I have three great kids and the best wife in the world. Honesty and integrity are 2 things I value most.

About Me

I was born into a family that actively attended the Mormon church. I can only assume that this is similar to so many other people who are born Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or otherwise. My parents were people of faith who taught me and my siblings what it meant to be honest, work hard, and do our best to live a life that exemplified the concepts of integrity. I am currently 36 and my wonderful wife and I after 14 years of marriage have three amazing children. I bought my first business the same week that she and I were married. It wasn't an easy decision, but after a lot of prayer and discussion we decided that it was the right thing to do. We had no idea what type of plan God had in store for us at this point, but we were trying our best to match our desires with his will. For a few years everything we touched seemed to turn to gold our business thrived, we had our first child, and bought the home of our dreams. My intention was to grow the business to the point where eventually it could run itself and I could spend more time with my family. I learned later that we have to make time for our families during all periods of our lives... In 2007 the economy crashed. At this point I owned multiple companies and we had heavily leveraged ourselves in order to grow. The changes in the economy left us facing the potential of losing everything. At times I was tempted to wonder why God had allowed this, ultimately I learned that man's extremity is God's university.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a Mormon, but like people born into so many different religions we all must ultimately discover the truth for ourselves. In my family of 5 siblings I was the "black sheep" of the group. I always pushed the limits of what to me felt like an oppressive "Mormon lifestyle". As I grew older I made a few bad choices, but the beliefs my parents instilled within me from my youth always seemed to keep me from getting into too much trouble, but I had lots of questions and admittedly was not sure of the truthfulness the church. In Utah everyone seemed to believe the church was true and I felt like I didn't fit because of my doubts. Ultimately my brother's example helped me come to know that the Mormon church was true. We shared a bedroom and every night he would read in the Book of Mormon before bed. We were close in age and I was ultra competitive, therefore I didn't want him to be better at anything even if it was something that I currently saw little value in, so I began to read on a nightly basis too. Sometimes after reading I would pray to know if what I had read was true, mistakenly I was hoping for an angel would appear and verify the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon or that I would have an amazing spiritual experience...neither of those things ever happened. However, over time I came to recognize that when I prayed and read from the scriptures life seemed to go better. When I failed to read and pray the burdens of life seemed stifling. Slowly, I began to recognize the peace that comes from the Holy Ghost as a result of praying and studying the Book of Mormon, it was almost tangible. Such a feeling of peace could not be fabricated nor could the blessings have been orchestrated of my own accord. These experiences pointed to a simple conclusion, the Book of Mormon is true and so was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.These simple truths have influenced every decision in my life for the good and have made all the difference in the world to me.

How I live my faith

In our church all of the members are expected to voluntarily serve in various capacities. 3 years ago I was asked to work with our young men between the ages of 12 & 13. With this calling I am also expected to serve as the local Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America. We meet every week with these young men on Wed. nights to perform various scouting activities. We recently completed the cycling (biking) merit badge which consisted of 2 ten mile rides, 2 fifteen mile rides, 2 twenty five mile rides, and one 50 mile ride. We also camp about once a month even during the winter. Last Jan. we camped when it was only 5 degrees outside while we slept in snow caves, it was amazing! I love working with the youth because they help me feel like I am contributing to a better future for the world. These activities while entertaining are ultimately designed to help them learn how to deal with challenges at a young age so that when they are older they will be strong enough to deal with everything life throws at them. Aside from scouting I also teach lessons at church on a regular basis to this group of boys each Sunday. We cover topics such as Jesus Christ, faith, honesty, kindness, chastity, etc. Our ultimate goal is to help them discover for themselves the truthfulness of the gospel. Christ never forced anyone to follow him, but rather asked everyone to follow him of their own free will. As a teacher my hope is that these young men will feel the truthfulness of the Savior's message and choose for themselves to follow the Savior. A normal week of church responsibilities for me consists of youth night on Wed. from 7-8:30 PM, temple worship on Friday 6-8 AM (not all members do this and it is voluntary), Sunday services 1-4PM, youth planning meeting 4-5PM, and as mentioned before a monthly camping trip. This makes for a full schedule, but aside from my time with my own family there is nothing more rewarding than the time I dedicate to God.