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Hi I'm Jack Anthony Knoblock

I am a Convert to the LDS Faith. I use to preach against this Church now I am a member. Ask me why I choose this Faith.

About Me

I was born too a young military family. My dad was in the USN, my mother was a housewife & mom. She gave birth to me in San Diego, California. In the sunny month of August. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. My mom remarried the man she became pregnant with her second son my brother Mark. His dad was in the Marine Corps. We grew up in Southern California till we moved north to Oregon in the late 60's early 70's. I ended up growing up fast and because of a dream as a child at the age of 11,13, and 15 years old, I was also on a spiritual path. I ended up dropping out of HS & joining the US Army in 1978. I then transferred to the US Navy to get an education. I ended up graduating top 5% of my Electronics Warfare Tech class. I then got out in 1983 when I ended up in Oregon. I couldn't find work in my field of training so I ended up taking a job as a C Store Manager. When I met my wife of 26 years, which we divorced due to personal problems. I then moved to Portland from Idaho where I lived for 25 years. Idaho is a great place for family& where I met the LORD. So living in Idaho I attended Synagogue, then found the LORD Jesus Christ, yet I felt the Churches I was a part of seemed to be missing something. I had become a very dynamic preacher of the Gospel & persecuted Mormon Missionaries because I thought I knew the truth. I was about to find out the hard way that I had no idea. I joined the Church in Idaho 3 years ago.

Why I am a Mormon

Well I am a Convert so to me I am a Mormon because its the Truth, I have searched and attended other Synagogues, and Churches. I have found them in all instances to be lacking in actually living the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was taught to us by our LORD while he ministered here on earth and atoned for our Sins. Once I began to attend Sacrament Meetings, Priesthood Meetings, Sunday School, and discovering on my own after many years of persecuting this Church, I would say in some ways I feel like Paul did when he as met by the LORD on the road to Damascus. When he was persecuting then the LORD's true believers & early Church. I have come to find that why the other Churches are lacking is they lack in the areas of Authority & Priesthood Authority that was Ordained by our Heavenly Father with Abraham when he first met the Priest of Salem on the road back from the war with the kings of Sodom etc. This King Priest came as Melchiezedek & first introducing the First Sacrament and Priesthood Covenant with Abraham. So as a Jew I have come to realize with all he history of the LDS Church and the early Americans how they came long before anyone discovered the America's. This was a truth the LORD showed me on my own. So while I was in the other Churches I was starting Home Churches teaching what the LORD had shown to me. When I saw that these truths lie in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I then began my investigation and eventually joined in 2010 against all my friends telling me I was deceived. I am not deceived. I have come to know the truth of the Gospel and how it has Life & Liberty once you know where you come from. The LDS Faith does the best at explaining the unknowns, and leading us to live the Gospel as Jesus promised we would always have Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, & Shepherds. This is the Church that JESUS built. I spent all my life finding the truth, Don't spend as long as I did. I am glad to be here.

How I live my faith

Well I have always believed that Jesus Christ gave us the example on how to live our lives here on earth. How we are to interact with others, even those who don't know the truth. I was once rocked back in my chair one day back when I use to harass young Mormon Missionaries. I one time had this young Missionary answer a question I had. That was why he didn't try and debate me on the questions I proposed before him. He looked me in the eyes and said these words that I will never forget. " The Holy Spirit cannot be a part of the spirit of contention." When he spoke those words they went deep into my soul. My heart pondered those words for many days after our visit. To this day they stay with me as a reminder that when we share the love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we can't be contentious about it. That we will drive people away. What attracted me to the LDS Faith was the complete understanding and walk of "Holiness Unto the LORD!" I witnessed not only Mormons living in their workplace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, since I also had the opportunity to work in their homes as a house cleaner. I was able to see their lives in their homes. The vast majority are living the Gospel outside the Church as well as inside it. This went against what I was seeing in the Evangelical Churches. I had experienced in my own walk with the LORD many miracles. I was learning things that went against what I was seeing being taught in the Church I was attending & tithing into. I felt that we aren't called to do the work of the LORD for pay, that the Order of G-D was missing. I understood the Priesthood as a Jew and the importance of our Heavenly Father's order. When I began to read Church history it didn't make sense compared to Joseph Smith's encounter with the LORD. When I saw this I knew something was wrong with the Church I had belonged too. So I began my search. I then found my Faith aligned with the LDS Faith. So I try my best everyday.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Jack Anthony Knoblock
I have found in my own personal experience that people tend to call that they don't understand or fear a cult,. This is the first way to try and keep others from investigating for themselves like I was guilty of for so many years. Once I made my first visit to a Sacrament Meeting, and heard the wonderful testimonies of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Once I did my own investigations I soon found out those books I read about the Church were riddled with many falsehoods. Many false statements I found to be untrue and not even as said it would be like in the Church. I would say to those who haven't been to Church service. That you may want to find out on your own. Show more Show less