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Hi I'm Nick

I am autistic (high-functioning), the founder of the "Autistic Mormon" YouTube channel, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

As I have been searching this website for any "interesting" Mormons, I was inspired by the fact that I could not find any that suited my tastes. Okay, I lied. I may have found "some" Mormons that were tacky and wanted to share the gospel at the same time. I like them the way they are due to their successes in their own lives and the fact that they rebelled "in a good way." Take, for instance, Lindsey Stirling. I could not believe my eyes when I read her biography that she had a poor childhood. All she had were a few toys that her parents could afford to support her. She was absolutely fine with it, and It turned out that since she was poor, she respected her surroundings more and was happy like any "poor" child should be. Later on, she felt like an outcast yet wanted to please her parents so that she would not leave Mormonism. She was confused and continually doubted herself to the point that she had to "do something" in her life so that it will not "consume" her. To let out all of her frustrations, she decided to combine hiphop with violin and became a smash hit throughout the entire world. While she is popular, I am alone in my own "little" world pondering life's questions, sacking my poor thinking and replenishing it with "intellectual" thoughts that stimulate my mind to feel elated to an intense degree. In simple terms, I am continually bombarded by my autistic tendencies that thwart my understanding of the world around me, including God.

Why I am a Mormon

Yes I am a Mormon, and who knows why I am a Mormon in the first place? It could be the fact that I was born a Mormon for a specific reason, which I am still trying to figure out, or other factors that I am not aware of. I was blessed with a variety of talents that I am trying to make use of, yet I was wondering why I have so many talents? There has to be a reason because there is no other way to figure it out. However, there may be one thing to consider... In simple terms, I am a child of God. This was not a random decision or a mistake because God never makes any mistakes. He knows what he is doing, and you should not question it even if your conscious thinks it is okay to question, which I am still trying to overcome. The natural man is an enemy to God, and I am probably the most natural man to consider because of my inflated ego. If you want a refresher, my trial on this Earth is my dreaded autism. I wish I could feel what others feel, especially at church when the talks are initiating. I still do not understand why it is so difficult for me to feel what the speakers are feeling. I am so wrapped up in my own thoughts that it is very hard to listen. My favorite quote from the scriptures is the glory of God is intelligence. I believe that the world is infected by a certain virus known as ignorance. Because of ignorance, Syria is still at war with itself, terrorists still think America is the enemy, and America is suffering from moral deprivation.

How I live my faith

If you are wondering how any Mormon lives their faith, you are on the right website with the right people who will inspire you to convert to Mormonism and live happily ever after in heaven, right? Afterwards, you will pray to understand if this religion is true or not. If God answers yes, then you will feel the spirit to its highest potential until you cry your eyes out. If God answers no, then you will continue to feel dismal until you are depressed and eventually need antidepressants to make you feel better. As usual, I live my faith as any Mormon should by reading the scriptures, paying tithing, etc., I go to my bishop, saying hello and shake his hand as any Sunday should be. I also shake the other presidencies hands and say hello so that they may feel like they have people to trust. Anyhow, I try my best to live my faith as spiritually possible so that I may live with God in the afterlife. If anyone reads this far into my biography, I have something to say. Don't feed the trolls because it will only make them stronger until they rip you to shreds spiritually. I do not know why I am writing this idiom or why I am writing my Mormon.org profile page at all, but I am doing so. If I were not writing this Mormon.org profile page, it would not exist obviously.