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Hi I'm Angela Larsen

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have grown up in Weber & Davis Counties, Utah.

About Me

I love to build things. I've built a kitchen island & an entertainment center. Home building runs in the family. I love designing homes for fun. I love art projects. Right now I'm painting my version of the Garden of Eden on a wall. No, I'm no artist, but I love painting things. I’m drawing free-hand; haven't done that since 9th grade. Painting this mural is a new thing for me, so I'm not sure how it will turn out. I've been told to have fun & that I can always start again. I’m single, never married, no kids, & still waiting for my 1st kiss; which I hope is w/ my future husband, whoever that might be. I love Jane Austen movies. Have never read any of her books, but it's on my list. Attended collage for 1 ½ years, but needed to drop out to take care of my mom. Now that she's gone I haven’t gone back, but that's on the list also; however, I’m not sure what I want to do, not because I have no interest, but because I have too many. My real dream is to be a housewife & a mom. I know I am too old to have my own children, until the second coming, but I have always wanted to adopt & foster children. I even thought about having an apartment in my dream home where me & my husband could either house missionaries’ for our church or house homeless people trying to get back on their feet. I am a Sister to 4, an Aunt to 18, & a Great-Aunt to 7.

Why I am a Mormon

I used to not read my scriptures, no, just not daily; I didn’t read them at all, thinking that it would be boring & hard. I didn’t start & end every day with prayer. I only prayed when I needed or wanted something & my meal prayers were word for word the same every time, if said at all. I used to sit there thinking I know I’m told it will help to do these things, but I was always thinking how time consuming, how boring it would be, so tedious, and thinking it wouldn’t make a difference. Boy was I wrong! I realized today, that living the way Heavenly Father & the Prophets ask us to, is easier than I thought. Not just easier, my days go better, & I am spiritually stronger. By praying morning, night, & anytime I feel the need to; I feel I have grown closer to my Heavenly Father. I keep learning things about myself that I never realized, I have learned that Heavenly Father has saved me from myself on many occasions & I feel I’m learning more about Him, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Ghost & what they all have done & continue to do for me, each time I read & pray. I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago; would have saved me a whole bunch of heartache. I love that saying, “I wish I knew then, what I know now”. It is so true! I know this is the only true church on earth. The gospel & teachings give me comfort when people die, because I know it was for a purpose, excluding killing or suicide; however, that's also for Jesus to judge not me. I don’t fear death for myself or for others. I know I will see them again. I'm not sad that I'm not married & don’t have kids at my age, because I know that if I don't here on earth, I will be given the chance, as long as I live right, once I pass on or after the Second Coming, whichever comes first. I feel comfort in knowing that the scriptures are true & that everything is & was for a purpose. I know I was born in this era for a purpose, though I know not what & I'm okay with that; all will be revealed in Gods time, not mine.

How I live my faith

I organize activities for 8-9 year old girls in our church, based on our faith, serving others, & developing talents; it's the highlight of my life. I also ask around to see if there is anyone I can serve. I sometimes help make meals for new mothers or for funerals. I read the scriptures first thing in the morning, if I don't my day is chaotic. I pray as soon as I'm awake, I pray as soon as I go to bed, I pray when I feel I need to, and I pray whenever I eat anything. I obey to the best of my ability what my Bishop tells me to do, as he is the mouth piece of our Heavenly Father, assigned directly over me. I obey my Stake President who is next over me. I obey the Prophet of the church, whenever he says to do something, because what he says is the most important of them all. To be honest; I was inactive from the ages of 10-23, parents divorced, moved to a new city, became a Diabetic, & my mental illness became worse, all within 3 months. Due to the mental health problems, which have worsened, I’m not very active now as I wish to be. When I was in my late teens & early 20’s I told people, when asked what my faith was, that I was an Atheist, because I felt if there was a God, He would not give me the trials I had/have. I knew it was a lie, but I was angry. I always knew the church was the only true church. I felt it, I knew it, even when I asked others of their beliefs, theirs never felt right. My testimony has grown a lot in the last 9 years, even more in the last year, and more in the last month; it grows daily.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Angela Larsen
I finished the Book of Mormon today, truly for the first time. I read the Book of Mormon all the way through once before, when President Gordon B. Hinckley, challenged everyone to read the book by the end of the year, I think that was back in 2005 or 2006, but I never really paid attention to what I was reading, because I of course waited until December 30th and read it really fast, not paying attention to what I was reading, just so I could say I did it. This time around I really paid attention, I read an hour or more a day, made notes, marks, underlined things that affected me, and made question marks on the things I didn’t understand. My testimony has grown, I have 4 ½ pages of journal entries to prove that. I did pray, as Moroni says to in the last chapter, to ask if these words are true. I did and they are, but I already knew that, but boy was I flooding(?) with the Holy Ghost when I asked, that was an amazing experience. I will start all over again tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what I learn this next time. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Angela Larsen
My faith has grown by being obedient, by being faithful, by reading the scriptures daily, by doing what is asked of me, by praying often, by being brave, by enduring with a positive attitude, by always following promptings given by the Holy Ghost, by letting go of my pride, by not focusing on what others are doing, but focusing on what I am doing, by paying attention to and listing all the blessings I have had and/or been given, and by realizing what Jesus Christ truly did for each and every one of us. Show more Show less