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Hi I'm Serita

I'm from WA. I am a strong single mom, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Currently I am a single mom, but I am engaged to an amazing man :) I am a convert to the church, I was married once before, but learned what it is that I deserve as a daughter of God. I am a stay at home mom, with a small in home business. I love to do crafty things and I like to cook, more or less I like to Barbeque (less dishes) haha. I have experienced a lot in my whole twenty two years of life, and some may giggle but I think I know better than anyone else about my life. I grew up in Foster care, in fact that is how I became familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I like, most other people wear a good strong face as much as I can even when times are hard, but then again like most other people there is a time where I crack and let my mascara run down my face. I am a real person, with real problems, but I try to do it all with the right attitude. I have a son who is the light of my life, and for lots of you single parents you know that it's a huge thanks to our little ones, that we get out of bed and live our lives even when we don't want to. My son will be two soon, he is very active and very sensitive and protective when it comes to me. He loves to "burp" you kisses instead of blowing you some... typical boy. That is just a bit about me, I hope I get to know you :)

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon...???? Great question, well like I said earlier I grew up in foster care, my stable foster home was with a single lady who was/is LDS. It wasn't just me in her home, she also took in my biological mother as well, so we as a family could be together. I was able to go to church with her and see the happy lifestyle all these people lived. With time my mom got married and I went and lived with her and her husband. I started living a double lifestyle, on the weekends that I would go back to my foster mom's home I would be a good girl and all the other days I would make rougher decisions so to speak. I eventually graduated and went to college, I lived the college life and finally fell flat on my face. I knew my life was always better when the Church was a part of it. I found some missionaries and told them I wanted to be baptized (every missionary's dream). Anywho I took all the discussions and was baptized in November of 2009. Even after I was baptized it took a lot of messing up to finally realize how great the church is and what it is they have to offer. I had lost many great people in my life and to know that I can be with them again is such a great moment of relief. To know that I will see my son and future children again no matter what happens was a relief. I know for every question I have there is answer, and some I may not be able to find in the scriptures but through a pure prayer I find the answer in my heart. This church has helped put me together into the woman I am today. When I would be going through some of the darkest moments of my life there would always be this little bit of weight lifted off of my shoulders. Just the realization that my brother Jesus Christ atoned for all of our transgressions and has felt every feeling it is that we feel, comforts me in a way I know nobody else could. I am so truly blessed to say I am a Mormon. I am proud to be apart of this wonderful family. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many ways. First of all let me explain that we all get to choose the way we live, no one else makes us. A church or any group cannot make you follow all the rules, it's up to you. So I choose to have high standards I choose to feed my missionaries as much as I possibly can because when I am able to serve them or anyone else, I know I am serving my Heavenly Father. I Help organize events for my church. I choose to be the best example I can be for any and all that are watching. I attend church every Sunday for the full three hours of church service.- By doing this I feel like my spiritual bucket is filled up for the whole week, and whenever I do miss church I know there is just something off about my week. I pray, read my scriptures, do genealogy, and go over talks written by higher authorities in the church.