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Hi I'm Kolton jones

I'm a full time missionary. I love being out side. I love to play sports. I love surfing. I'm a mormon

About Me

As of 2013 i have been called to serve in the Ventura California Mission. I will be learning the spanish language in the Mexico CCM (MTC). Im the oldest in my family of 4 kids. I love to go to Newport Califonia and just go surfing during the summer. I love to be outside doing stuff, like longboarding, hiking, rock-climbing, camping, four-wheeling, and ECT. When i get back from my mission i plan to go to Westminster and go into Aviation. I enjoy life, like my friend says " what is life about..... Experiences"

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, I had many friends who were in the church. But around 14 years old i started to fall away from the church. It started small, not praying to God, stopped reading the scriptures. I didn't get along with the kids that were at church. I didn't enjoy going to church. While i was at church i never real felt the spirit. Then Satan slowly lead me farther and farther away from the church. To where I was out partying with friends, trying to enjoy life by worldly things, and trying to fill my broken heart up with worldly pleasure. I even stopped believing in God. I basically thought I could do what I want when I want. Then one day my senior year i was driving my motorcycle home and I got in a bad crash turning in an intersection. I hit gravel and the motorcycle went down. I know I should have died during that crash, I have gone over it over and over in my mind and I still don't know how I lived. Some people tell me it was just luck that I lived, but I don't believe that. My friend then gave me a blessing and the things he said touched me so much even through my hardened heart. So that night i was thinking about what my friend said and I decided to open up the app on my phone and it opened up to Moroni 10 and i read versus 3-5. I then called unto God that night to see if he really was there. After I prayed I felt at peace, I was so happy, not just worldly happy and peace that lasted for a little bit but truly happy. I was also in less pain and was able to sleep through the night with a badly broken collar bone and badly broken wrist. Then while i was out recovering I read parts in the Book of Mormon and prayed about it later. I found the Truth for my self. I'm not serving a mission because my parents wanted me to, or because its expected of me to serve or because my friends went on a mission but because I know it is the right thing to do and i want to help people have that relationship with God that i have now. That is why Im out here on a mission!!! :)

How I live my faith

I live my faith by sharing my testimoney and I am serving a mission in Ventura Califonia.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Kolton jones
No not all Mormons serve missions. because at one point i wasn't going to serve a mission and now that i am serving a mission I'm growing a lot more than i have ever before. I'm learning so much, getting closer to God, Losing my wants, needs, and focus and giving it to the lord and other people that need my help. After all when i get back i will be able to focus on my self for the rest of my life. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Kolton jones
Well for me Families are so important because we came here to grow as a family. Families are a great gift from God. We are to grow and learn about God in a safe environment where we can practice what we learn. As families we love, serve, teach and learn from one another but no family is perfect each one has there own challenges and difficulties. In Families tho we feel the greatest joys but also our greatest sorrows, but that is how we learn and grow closer as a family. We arent taught when the times get tough we jump boat but we stick it out and make it through together as a Family. Families bring a support that no one else on Earth can fill. I know there are some people with Difficult family situations that I will never know but what i say to you is that you must, you must try your best to grow your own family and and teach them what you know to be right. Families now days are being attacked by Satan and it is sad to see as they slowly fall. But i know that we will eventually live with our Families forever not just after this life but for ETERNITY. Show more Show less