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Hi I'm Caroline

Born in London and raised in Ghana.I love to sing and play . I love round things to be precise and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in London and raised in Ghana. Growing up in Ghana was so much fun being with friends and family.I went to different schools and made so many good friends. In high school , i was one of the best students but i never wanted to be a leader . I had my first pet when i was much older and it was a cat so, i love cats and any round thing, to me ,it is cute.I am really scared of dogs and i still am. I joined the church together with my nuclear family when i was 12 years old. Having being brought up in the Christ-like way, I was able to understand the scriptures and everything i was thought at church. I loved the togetherness and friendliness at church. The hymns were the best. When i was 19 years old, i left all my wonderful friends in Ghana and moved to the United States of America with my mum and two brothers to live with my dad and my elder brother. I had to start all over, adjusting to the new life but now i am used to living in the cold compared to the warm weather in my country. Now ,I am preparing to go on my mission, which is very soon and i am very excited about it. Life has been good to me and to say, i am grateful to Heavenly father for everything he has bestowed upon me. I love being a Mormon and having people around who love and correct me all the time.

Why I am a Mormon

I was not born into the Church so to say I believe in the teachings of the church that they are really of God, I speak of the truth. Every individual has a conscience so when you see a good thing you can tell and when you see a bad thing too, you can tell. I know that Heavenly Father will want me to be good , take good care of my body, keep his commandments, tell others about him, and try to be perfect like him. Because of these things, i know that the true gospel has been restored upon the earth once again. I know that we have a living Prophet who has been called of God and given the proper authority to act in his name. I know the Book of Mormon testifies of God and his son Jesus Christ for i have read it and i know. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and for this reason, i love being a Mormon and it is fun.

How I live my faith

At first, i thought I had the right to live my own life and do what ever i wanted to do. Preparing to serve the Lord has taught me differently. I am nothing if not for God, being on my side all the time, so, i owe my life to God . I live my faith everyday by acknowledging the atonement of Christ and praying for forgiveness. I am not perfect. I also read my scriptures and try to think and say good things. I want to be a good example so people will see my light and glorify my Father in heaven. Now, i am going to be a missionary to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others so that we can all be happy and live together with our Father once again. It is of much privilege to know that Heavenly father loves me even when I let him down and go astray for sometime, He still welcomes me with arms opened. I want other people to feel this love too. I taught the nursery for some time and it was a really good opportunity to be an example to these little kids. They are so cute. I try my best to go to church every Sunday and sometimes , i invite my friends to church activities. Some of them do not like it but it's for the best.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

Heavenly father has a plan for each and everyone of us so we don't just die like that. There is a place for those who die called the spirit world. When a person dies, his body stays on the earth and his spirit goes to the spirit world. In the spirit world, the gospel is preached to those who did not have the chance to hear it on the earth so that they can hear and repent of their sins. Heavenly father wants everyone to have the gospel in their hearts so that we can be judged according to it. He wants us to be worthy to live with him. In the last days , everyone will be resurrected according to the resurrection of the savior and we shall be judged of our deeds. We will then be put in our respective places and the faithful ones will live with God and be like him in his kingdom. Show more Show less