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Hi I'm Ximena

I love raspberries, rollercoasters, laughing, learning, unicorns, you, me and being a mormon!

About Me

I'm a girl from New Zealand who is currently studying education and biology! Personally I find singing and playing the piano to be pretty fun and an amazing stress reliever! (Maybe not for those listening ;) haha jk jk ) Other hobbies of mine include researching my family history! That way my ancestors can receive the blessings of the temple too so no one is left behind! In my free time I also like to watch archaeology documentaries, sew modest cosplay outfits and help people learn English on Language-8.com. I have always been tall for my gender. I'm currently 181cm but my height used to be an anomaly all throughout my life. Also since my name is rather uncommon where I live, it never occurred to me to do anything for the sake of being 'normal' when it was so much fun being true to myself. I really enjoy discussing solutions to problems, challenging concepts and I am rarely ever prepared to take the ideas of others at face value. (But I'm learning to hold my tongue) ;D

Why I am a Mormon

Both my parents are return missionaries but alas, when I was born they were no longer active in the church. However they still raised me to gain a testimony of the Savior. As a little girl my family would occasionally have the missionaries over and when I was around 7 years old we even started going back to church. However, as I was approaching baptism my family and I moved away and the missionary lessons as well as church attendance suddenly stopped. I resolved to just be Christian with no allegiance to any denomination in particular, but I always held a deep respect for the church. When I was 13 my friend gave me a Book of Mormon but I didn't read it. Then at 14 I decided to go to an Anglican boarding school. That only lasted six months as I was unprepared for the hardships I encountered there. However, I knew that my endurance came from the miracles I had received in response to my prayers and I could not deny it. Out of gratitude I decided to be baptised by the patron church of the school, but as far as I was made aware I was only committing myself to Christianity in general and to no particular sect. At 17 my highschool taught about many world religions to promote tolerance. Thus I was impassioned with a curiosity surrounding God and morality. I came upon some of the 'Mormon Messages for Youth' and was heartened by the charity, virtue and valiance exemplified in those videos. Learning about the Plan of Happiness on the internet answered many questions that burned in me as well as many I had never thought of. Also, already having a level of respect for the church helped me avoid the internet trolls running rampant all over the web. Additionally, I found that dusty Book of Mormon under my bed and began to read it. And I knew that the goodness I found within those pages was incapable of being authored by a con man. I love being a member of this church and one day I hope to be just as kind and perfect as our Saviour, even If I'm really far away right now.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to do what the Saviour would do, by making the right choices and being a good example. I really don't succeed at this all the time but I know that with the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can repent. This enables me to fix and erase my failures, allowing me to improve myself each day. I love going to Church on Sundays as well as Institute, a gospel doctrine class for young adults once a week. I love studying the scriptures too, especially the standard works with accompanying material and also talks by general authorities! All this is FREE online at lds.org :D What I love about the scriptures is that reading it with prayerful pondering is guaranteed to teach me how to become a better person through the lessons they provide. This contrasts with the media today, where some things (but not everything) can uplift our thoughts, and some things (but not everything) can degrade them. I currently serve a "calling" (jargon for a volunteered responsibility) where I look after the nursery children during church. We have lessons like "I will love others" or "I will say “I’m Sorry" or "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me". My superlative goal with my calling is to help the children foster a love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ which will help them make good decisions because they want to, not because they are forced to.