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Hi I'm David

I'm from England. I love dancing. I'm a husband, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the youngest of 5 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I used to hate being the youngest growing up, but as I've gotten older I enjoy the benefits of being the baby in the family. I went to an amazing primary school, my secondary school experience was like most of ours in England, you can't wait to leave but once you're out of education you can't wait to get back into it. I love dancing and music, it just gives me a joy unique to anything else. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I relish in opportunities to try new things as life is there to be enjoyed. I love travelling to different places and embracing a variety of cultures. People are fascinating and I love to know others' opinions on things and find out why people the way they are. I served a two year mission for the church in Germany, Berlin. It was an experience I'll never forget. I absolutely love being married to my beautiful sweetheart and look forward to a lifetime of experiences with her by my side.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in the Mormon church meant that as a child, I was raised with a belief in God and good principles. I was taught the doctrine and accepted it as truth until my early teens, it was then when I started to ask myself if I actually believed in what was being taught. Was this God's church? Did I believe in Jesus Christ? Was Joseph really a prophet or was it all just a happy idea or one big carefully planned hoax? I desperately didn't want to make the 'wrong' choice or choose the 'wrong' religion. I knew if there was a God, He would show me somehow where he wanted me to be. As I began investigating the church in depth and seeking after an answer, I felt that I wasn't feeling anything and I wanted to leave. Shortly before the end I had an experience where I was able to feel, and more importantly recognise the Spirit, testifying to my soul that everything I had been taught was true. I couldn't deny it, even if it would have been easier to walk away and lead my life in a different direction. Since that time as I learned to recognise the voice of God through feelings, thoughts and impressions, I had more of these experiences. I chose then that I would prepare to serve as a full time missionary for the church, sharing with people my experiences and how the Gospel could help them draw closer to God and Jesus Christ. I went to Germany & had many incredible experiences that I will forever treasure, and made me more certain of my faith and the knowledge I have obtained through living the principles taught. Since the time of my conversion I have had ups and downs. I am not a perfect person or any shadow of that. But I now know some important truths. I am a Mormon because I know that God is my Father in Heaven who has a plan for my life. I know that His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, was the promised Saviour sent to redeem mankind and to be our way back to the Father. And I know that the church and teachings Christ taught were restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

How I live my faith

I decided in my late teens that I wanted to serve a mission for the LDS church. Shortly after turning 19 I left, being called to serve in the Germany Berlin mission. I was terrified as I had to overcome my fears of talking to strangers about very personal beliefs. I struggled with the language and at times wondered if I would ever learn it. There I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the scriptures and strived more than ever before to follow His example. I taught people as best as I could and bore my witness of why it is a wonderful blessing to have Jesus at the centre of their lives. The more I taught, the more I felt closer to God and His Son. After returning home I quickly received the assignment to be a leader in the church's youth programme. I loved working with the young men, helping them to understand the scriptures and teach them principles that have greatly benefited my life. I try to live my faith by trying to improve every day. I try to help others where I can and to treat others with patience, love and respect. I believe that we should be tolerant of other's views, opinions and faiths whatever they may be and try to understand where others are coming from. I try to teach others by example and when occasion permits and the people are interested, sharing what I know about the Restored Gospel and how it can help them in their lives.