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Hi I'm Zak

I grew up in Utah. I was involved in choir, soccer, and many clubs. I love singing and playing guitar. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a goof. I love to tease people and play jokes. I consider myself to proudly be a class clown. I love being involved I love to sing and play guitar. I love playing soccer. Running is.. alright. I like Christmas. I love star wars. and Dr. Who, and Opera. I also love to be around my family. My family has been through sorrow together but more importantly we have had joy together. We all follow God in our own way. My grandparents are not members of the church. They provide us with so much support, financially and spiritually. They are amazing christian people. They have made a huge difference in my life. I have a passion for singing and for music. I believe music is the best way to express emotion. I love composing songs and playing guitar. I taught myself to play guitar. It was fun. I had the privilege of being in a school musical I played one of the leads. It was an incredible experience. I love camping and hiking. I love to go crazy survival and try to camp with as little as possible. I ate a snake once... I joined an amazing choir my senior year of high school. We sang so well. We got all perfect ratings at our state competition. Whoot! I also play trumpet. and I like long walks on rainy beeches with sandy rain.... Just kidding. I love Soccer. or FUTBOL! Such a great sport... It's just soo great. What else do I do.... This makes me sound boring. I really am cool... well I like me anyway.... I do a ton... :D

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Latter Day Saint because I know for myself it is the true church. I believe it to be the same gospel preached of and set up by Jesus Christ. I know that it was restored through a young boy who asked a simple question. I believe it is more than a theology. I believe it to be the real truth of God. I believe that it holds the power Heavenly father has given us in order to return to Heaven. I believe it reveals truths God has taught from the beginning of time. Above all I believe that Christ came down suffering for my sin that I may become clean through him. I believe that he suffered because of his perfect mercy he had to each of us that we might not have to suffer the demands of Justice. I know that this atonement gives those who could not fully hear this glorious gospel a chance to also attain the same glory as all of his children. I have had my doubts. I have a great mind, with a great mind I can sometimes warp truths in my mind. However; I have relied on faith, praying to God, and I have felt my witness. At times I doubt. I can always call upon the savior for my answer to any question asking: "Is this true". As I have become converted to the gospel I have felt full. Truly full. I am so happy to have this joy in my life. I feel the desire to share the happiness I feel everyday with others. I can affirm that as doubts arise, if we rely on the the feelings of peace we have, and we pursue in faith even when God may hide his face, we will feel a manifestation of the Truth of All things. Heavenly Father loves each of us so much. He knows us perfectly. I am so happy to have felt this love even when I doubt, feel extremely sad, and struggle with my load. I am just a kid. I don't know much.... at all. But i do know what I know. And nothing will change that.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by first and foremost TRYing to treat everyone with love. None of us are perfect... I mean look at me. But we ARE all Heavenly Father's children. That won't change. Regardless of imperfections, skin color, habits, work, nationality, politics, or anything. So I try to treat everyone with love and respect. I also live try not to force my views on others. I understand everyone has the capacity to learn and make decisions for themselves. Yet I hold true to my own Values. I live my religion by being an active force in sharing Gods love. I love serving. I love being active in my church. I try to seek learning and understanding in the scriptures. I try to give heed to the words of the prophets. I seek to understand God's will in my life and to be compassionate sharing this with others. I have chosen to serve a full time mission. I prayed to know if I should go on a mission. As I prayed I got a feeling. A quiet feeling. I felt a spark. It wasn't a "loud" feeling. Not like adrenaline. It was a quiet peaceful feeling. I knew i needed to go on a mission. I felt a sure spark of God's love. I know I have to act on that feeling. I have since been called to the Barcelona Spain mission. I will serve for 2 years putting my other ambitions and relations on hold. However it is a small sacrafice when I feel the power of what Jesus Christ has done for me through his life. I will forever be indebted to him. He has willingly taken my sins. my guilt. my pain. my anger. my suffering. my despair. He has taken them because I have allowed him to. He has done it out of love. My praise be to my loving Father in Heaven and to his son who came to earth to die for me. and for all.

What is being a Mormon like?

Like being a person;) We are all human... at least I think... I am speaking for myself:D I love being a Mormon. It's not to different. I just feel full. and Happy. Living with my standards just gives me more freedom. I am able to enjoy the simple and filled life. We really aren't that different from people. We strive to live according to our plans along with God's plans. It's hard to describe what being a Mormon is like because we aren't all alike. We have strength and diversity. No one is that similar. And that is a beautiful. Life is Beautiful. Show more Show less