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Hi I'm Chris

I am the father of 9 beautiful children, am married to an angel, I help others to see, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy being around people. That is evident by the 11 people that live in our home. My wife and I have 9 children and are going on our 20th year of marriage. Many times I was asked by classmates while in undergrad and professional school, " How do you do it with all those kids?" My response was always" I have a great wife" but I always felt to myself " how could I do this without the motivation of my loving family" They were my strength and still are. I also love talking to people and hearing their stories. I am an optometric physician and besides the joy of helping folks see better I enjoy hearing what is new in their life, the good and the challenging. We have 4 acres of property and I like to pretend I am a farmer with our small garden and our twenty chickens. Its a great hobbie with delicious returns. As a hobby a few years ago I began listening to childrens and early adolencent audio books and love it. I can listen on the way to places. I usually am asking my preteens and teens what they are reading and get the audio book. It's fun and it gives me something to talk to my children about. My favorite series of all has been the Peter and the Star Catchers series.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because a professor at Purdue University shared the message of modern day prophets, apostles, scripture and the idea that families can be sealed together forever in God's Holy Temples again on the earth, with my family. It took many years before I realized what my family had embraced. That it wasn't just a new church, but that it was the Church of Jesus Christ restored to the earth in these latter days to a boy prophet Joseph Smith by God the Father and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I know God speaks to man and that He loves all His children and that He loves me. Truth is not relative or out of our grasp. God has placed it within the reach of all through faith and humble prayer. A young Joseph Smith proved that to me and the world. I have followed his example and have asked God if the book of scripture that was translated by Joseph Smith is true. I and millions of others have had the witness that God's promises are fulfilled and that not only is the Book of Mormon true, but that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. As a true prophet he was given priesthood authority from God to restore His church, truth and eternal ordinances. The fruits of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ have been delicious to my soul. Being a Mormon requires sacrifice and commitment, but I feel increased peace and true joy as I have sought to live the principles of Christ's gospel and followed his living prophets on the earth today.

How I live my faith

I truly believe the light of the body is the eye. That may seem a bit bias coming from a man who spends a lot of time looking at eyes, but I see in people the light they carry in their eyes in and out of my office. I believe light and truth and the Spirit of God are all interconnected and when I fill my mind and life with truth and the Spirit of God it shows in my countenance and my eyes. I try to prepare myself each day spiritually in prayer to my Heavenly Father, scripture study and meditation. During that time I feel light filling my mind and soul. That light helps me through the day, in the decisions I make, and especially with my priorities. I also feel we can share light. I know if I have light in my life I can share it with my family, friends and associates. Likewise I have wonderful family and friends who do the same for me. Ultimately it is the Savior Jesus Christ who is the source of the light we receive and share. I truly feel He wants us to obtain as much light into our lives as we possibly can and then share it with all as He does freely. Sharing that light actually helps me to see more clearly.