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Hi I'm Abel

I have red hair. I've worn high-top sneakers with a Hon Solo jacket. I play guitar and Ultimate Frisbee. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 19. I enjoy playing music, performing on stage, riding motorcycles and socializing with people who are different, unique or weird. I am truly blessed in my life. There is so much i'm thankful for. My family is really cool. I love spending time with my family at Christmas time, summer time, dinner time, anytime! I also am very thankful for the Gospel. I am realizing more everyday that my family, friends, and life have been blessed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I try my very best to pray in thanks for all that I have. I have a dominating testimony of Prayer in life, and am trying to strengthen my testimony of other things. I have had spiritual and factual evidence of answers to my prayers happen on many occasions. I really just want to do what is right. Right now I want to maintain the good feeling that I have in my life I get by doing whats right and help others be happy.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. However, that is not "why I am a Mormon". Yet, it does have something to do with it hahaha. I acknowledge its very possible I might not be a member of the church had I not been born and raised into the faith that my parents converted to. I am a Mormon because I know I should be. Hahaha this is where my brow would furrow in confusion were I someone else reading this explanation. "I know I should be"? is an obscure statement of not much logic and sounds to be proudly confident for someone of my age to be so decided on their identity. Yet, I do know. I truly am trying to find out more and investigate my knowledge and legitimacy of my stance. I have seen that being a "Mormon" leads to happiness. Happiness: not short lived pleasure and wealth that offer temporal satisfaction. I am Mormon because I want to be happy. Perhaps that is a better way to say it. Sometimes religion seemingly leads to a lifestyle that is not so...fun. I'll be frank, in the past I did not see being Mormon to be so appealing or convenient. I will be further more honest- I still sometimes find it seemingly not so attractive to be Mormon. However, I find it worth it. The sacrifice of staying true to the standards, principles, teachings, and beliefs of "Mormons" leads to a happy life. True happiness. An inner satisfaction that is permanent-contentment. Thank you for reading, I hope I have not offended anyone, my purpose is to inform and testify of what I am and what I know it to be true. I again know I am young and that this explanation is not perfect-there are most likely flaws in my grammar and flow, for this I apologize, I will try to do better keeping an open mind and think about ways to better explain what and who I am and why.

How I live my faith

The church does not define me, but I try to live it's beliefs by definition. I attend church every Sunday. This provides closure to the previous week and a proactive outlook on the week to come. Going to church is a positive experience for me. Yet, just going to church is not enough for the satisfaction of feeling at peace or attaining happiness ( for me). I have to walk the walk, I don't always want to but I have learned that someone is always watching, so without drawing unwanted attention to myself and remembering to be humble, I try to give them something to look at; something to think about: I give them an example. I do this by choosing the right. In every situation I consider what's evident and not so evident. I've found that in tough situations the right solution should have either been made many thoughts ago or is waiting to be made. I try to keep myself worthy to receive the intuition to analyze what to do: so I will know what I am to do. I realize I am 19 years old lecturing on how I live my life, I say these things in hope that the true purpose of me doing so will be seen: to perhaps help others somehow and not to brag or appear as if I'm something I'm not. I conclude by saying-it gets easier to live my faith. The more I choose the right the happier I am. Sometimes I find myself seeing it hard to realize that. I have achieved titles in competition, and compliments from friends that I will always be thankful for. Yet, all I have achieved has been because how I live my faith.