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Hi I'm Lorrie Ann Arthur

I am a member of The Church of Jeus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You may better know me as a "Mormon"!

About Me

Hello! I am married to Ronald Bowers Arthur. We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple 37 yrs. ago! I have five handsome sons and one beautiful daughter. All but the youngest is married. I have ten awesome grandchildren. I love to work in the Jordan River Temple and serve there as well as work on the Temple switchboard one evening a week. I am the eldest of three girls. My father is deceased and was not a Mormon when he was alive. We have since had his "work" done for him in the temple. He has accepted this work and is now a Latter Day Saint!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I am a Christian! Many people do not think that Mormons are Christians! A Christian is anyone who believes and worships the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a mormon because of all the truths that are found in my religion. I feel that there are many faiths who do not have the whole picture nor worship Diety correctly. I am a Mormon because I know I lived with our Heavenly Father (God the Father) in a pre-existent state where I was in a family unit. I know that if I strive to do my best, to make and keep covenants that I make here on earth, that we will be a family for all time and forever. I want to be with those who love me and who I love. I do not want death to be the end. A loving Father in Heaven would not let that happen to those he too loves. I am a Mormon because I believe in the two testimonial witnesses of the life and existence of Jesus Christ. The bible and The Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith my loving others! I have opened my home to 18 foreign exchange students over the past 26 years. I have brought others into my home when they needed a safe place to "land". I have taught children in our church's organization for children, ages 18 mo.-12 years, known as "Primary" for many decades. I am a Visiting Teacher and at least once a month visit and care for the female "sisters" that I have been asked to see. I also serve in the Jordan River Temple as previously mentioned in two capacities. 1.) I assist in doing the temple endowment work for deceased brothers and sisters. 2.) I answer calls comng into the temple by answering basic questions and transferring calls to the correct departments within the walls of the temple. My next calling is to be the best daughter of God that I can be. I am not perfect. I have my weakeness's but I strive each day to be my best.

What is faith?

Lorrie Ann Arthur
Faith is what has gotten me through some of the most difficult and blackest days of my life. I trust God! I love my Heavenly Father. I know it was only through my faith in trusting him, that I could endure those hardships. There is a thought: When YOU were a child and lived, say, far away from your grandparents, how did you know, each day that they loved you? Did you talk each and every day? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if you had the opportunity to have had a relationship with them, then you trusted that they loved you! When you did see them, was it a happy reunion? Did they hug you, kiss you, beam with happiness at your sight? NOW you know the power of faith! Try it out! Its the best feeling in the world! If all the world had a little faith, we would not have the problems that we do today. I invite you to try faith in your life and to not turn your back on YOUR Heavenly Father. Show more Show less