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Hi I'm Brad

I'm a husband, a PhD student, a dog lover, a volunteer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am getting a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, but I am a normal guy. The reaction I get a lot of the time is, "whoa, you must be really smart!" In reality, I am studying to become proficient at what I love to do, just like anyone else. I am fascinated by how the body works, and I study in hopes that I will be able to cure diseases with the knowledge I gain. I am married to a wonderful woman that supports me. We have two rambunctious dogs, a Black Lab and a Yellow Lab, that we rescued, and we hope to have kids one day. Family comes first in our lives. We love to go hiking with our dogs, and do all kinds of things outdoors; like swimming, camping, rafting, or just taking the dogs for a walk down the street. I am an avid reader, and a big nerd. I love science, (Non-fiction) and Science fiction. I love a good book, or movie I can escape into. I love creativity and originality, I love to read about and try to apply to my science. I think that you first have to know your way around the box blindfolded before you can think outside of it. I love to volunteer in, and outside of the church. I helped to create a special olympics program at my university during my undergraduate work, and it is still going on strong. My wife has helped me to realize that service can be done anywhere, and it doesn't have to be a grand gesture. she is a shining example of someone who selflessly serves.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe that Salvation is individual, something between ourselves and the Lord. I believe that the Lord doesn't put a time limit or restrictions on our capacity to repent or feel His love. I believe that God lives and knows each of us by name. He wants us to succeed, and he knows that we are weak. He knows that we will stumble and fall, and in this church I can find hands to reach out to for help, and answers to my questions. I can progress towards personal salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I can feel the love of a Living Savior, and a Loving Heavenly Father. I am in awe of the fact that an All Powerful, All Knowing God is my spiritual Father, and he knows me. He knows of my struggles, He knows of my triumphs, He knows of my pitfalls, He answers my prayers, as insignificant in comparison as they are to Him, He CARES and LOVES me and my small family. I find those things as a Mormon, and I am proud to call myself one. It is amazing to think that man can wield the power of God through His priesthood. When I was a baby I got into a small can of paint thinner while my parents where painting the house. I drank most of it. My mother turned from painting, saw and rushed me to the hospital. The doctors told my parents they would pump my stomach, but that the damage would be extensive due to the corrosive nature of paint thinner, I would probably have holes in all my major organs. My Father and Grandfather gave me a priesthood blessing, and the Doctors could not figure out how, but I was perfectly fine. I find beauty in what I do and who I am because I am a Mormon. I am able to see God's hand move TODAY, not just 5000 years ago, TODAY. I have seen miracles, I have seen beautiful, impossible things happen through the power of God in this church. The one thing I can always take away from church is that God Loves me and you and that we are his children, brothers and sisters through him, and that we should treat each other as such.

How I live my faith

I work with the Youth, mainly the teenage young men. I help them to progress spiritually, in their faith in Christ, in the community, through the Scouting program, and personally, through making personal goals and helping them to achieve those goals. No one is perfect, least of all me. However, I try to serve in the church and in the community where I can. I try to read my scriptures and have prayer with my wife daily, but as everyone knows life gets distracting, and sometimes you have to take a step back and realize its been a couple days since you read or had a prayer with your wife. I try to be an example, and to help others grow closer to Christ, because I know of the healing, and comfort that can be found in him. When I served a two year mission in New York, NY it strengthened the bond I have with my Savior, because I was able to see the love that He has for all His children.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Think of the Bible like one half of an apple, and the Book of Mormon as the other half of the same apple. You can have them very far apart from each other, and they will be just as delicious as the other half. When you put the two together it becomes whole. We believe that the Book of Mormon and the Bible walk hand in hand with each other. They help to clarify one another and support one another. Each of them separately has truth and beauty and are a testament to the divine life of Jesus Christ. They were written at opposite ends of the world. The Bible took place in Isreal, Egypt, and the countries round about. The Book of Mormon was written in the Americas. The Book of Mormon is an account of a small group of people who left Jerusalem during the time of the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible, to come to the Americas. It is an account of the people, the prophets, the situations, hardships, wars, and spiritual accounts of the descendants of that small group. It contains conversion stories, repentance, lives turning around, spiritual enlightenment, wars, baptisms, miracles, allegories, a visit from the Jesus Christ after his resurrection, stories in the lives of prophets, missionaries, and servants of God. The Book of Mormon adds its witness of the Divinity of the Savior Jesus Christ to that of the Bible. It helps to clarify and support biblical truths. There is a promise in the Book of Mormon, to whoever reads it, and prays about it will receive confirmation of its truth. Show more Show less