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Hi I'm Robert Shawn Sr.

Adopted and raised in Idaho. My wife is wonderful, we have a big blended family. I work w "at risk youth". I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is robert. im 47 years old. i have a blended family. all together we have 12 children. Two are ours together. We have been sealed now for 8 plus years, the best choice i have every made, bar none. i have worked with at risk youth since 1993. one of the greatest experiences i had, and ive had a few, was being apart of "youth development enterprises" which allowed me as a teenager to work on Maui Hawaii and then as a supervisor picking pineapple. i was able to leave there at one point and serve a mission in Houston Texas. i was adopted as a new born. my adopted mother loved me very much. my natural mother found me when i was about 25. very profound experience as well. sculpting comes naturally to me, drawing takes some work but im getting better, painting is a challenge im working through. we love the outdoors and live in area rich with variety of places to retreat to. three things accupy my thoughts usually revolving all the time.... family, church and work... within those thoughts are my struggles and joys.

Why I am a Mormon

I came to this earth to a loving mother and father that had plenty of struggles in their life... like past abuse and alcoholism. My mom encouraged me to go to the mormon church...i did sometimes...i liked the gym as a kid. i listened a bit...when i went. baptized when i was nine...still remember it. when i was 15 i went to Hawaii. my supervisor, "luna" kevin, was his name, i will never ever forget him, he gave me the one thing i needed most but didn't know it. a life saver to hold on to, something that would teach me what i truly needed to know, to anchor me.. helping with so many things like self-esteem, duty, loyalty and love.... he gave me a book that i did not know really existed at the time...the Book of Mormon, another testament of Christ. he challenged me to read it every day, at least one verse, gave me a red pencil and encouraged me to highlight anything that impressed me. his mom bought it, engraved my name on it and sent it to me from the states. i read that book. it taught me about the character and attributes of Jesus Christ... and my personal relationship to him. it influenced the very fiber of my soul. The atonement has had such a powerful impact in my life...i have made very poor choices despite the blessing i have received. some blessed souls that i know are so obedient and so blessed not to know harsh effects of sin. yet it is through those choices that i have come to truly know Heavenly Father, His will for me, Jesus Christ's personal involvement in my families life and wonderful family and friends that have been there for me at the right moment despite my stubbornness yet willing heart to be loved and helped. I'm a mormon because i listened to the spirit as it taught my eternal spirit...day after day, time after time and will mercifully continue to do so with all of us...even when we don't want it to... why, because Heavenly Father, Christ and our families beyond the vail are pulling for us.... all the time.

How I live my faith

living my faith means three basci things to me; 1. being closely involved with my wife, communicating in such w way that we stay connected spiritually, emotionally and physically. 2. close to students i work with, being as real as i can, by real i mean honest, sincere and focused so as to be in harmony with correct principles...knowing this life continues onto in the next...how i am an example that has far reaching effects. 3. learning how to stay close to the spirit so as to enjoy the spirit in such a way that i can be a good father and friend to all those i come in contact with...not so easy because I'm a bit reserved. These basic focuses are all centered on Heavenly Fathers plan for us and that Jesus Christ is actively involved and His atonement is and has far reaching power in our lives. that we are all connected, close and important to one another... and the adversary knows it... so its important we look out for each other.