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Hi I'm Levi Larsen

I have red hair, a big family, a passion for public speaking, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Redhead and very proud of it. I enjoy cooking and baking and find they are very good stress relievers. I spent much of my high school life immensely focused on high school Speech and Debate, and absolutely threw myself into that. That has lead me to develop a passion for talking about and discussing current events. Especially political things and other areas like domestic and foreign affairs. I love to play Soccer and Football and have done many other sports. It makes me happy to be out being active and working out because I feel alive, healthy, and energetic! I'm currently serving as a missionary in the San Diego California mission and I'm learning Spanish. I find joy in serving others and being able to speak to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One thing I love to do as a missionary is write. Writing for me has become a way to express and also self reflect about the things that happen to me. I like to write daily about my feelings, and also about things I study and powerful impressions and experiences that come to me.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was born into this church I still have had to become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One defining moment came when I made the decision to stop reading The Book or Mormon and praying, and walk a "different path". As I went through my life for a time, I felt my life change. There seemed to be less peace in it, there seemed to be less direction, and I seemed to be become angry easier and frustrated at smaller things. It was almost as if I had lost a piece of myself. Like I had lost a piece of my personality and what made me, me. After some time, and much reflection about my life I came to the conclusion that my lack of happiness and self worth was directly linked to my decision to separate myself from God by halting my reading the scriptures and praying. I began reading the scriptures again, and praying. Following much time and effort arrived to a point where I had rebuilt my connection to my Father in Heaven. I felt comfortable speaking to Him about my life as I prayed, and started to find more answers to my life in the scriptures and teachings of modern prophets. I felt the love of my Father in Heaven flowing into my life more and begun to be a happier person. Everything seemed to be better. And after passing though that experience I can honestly say to any and every person, that I know that my Father in Heaven lives. I know that each of us can have a relationship with Him, and that relationship is developed through studying the scriptures and praying. Through giving a piece of ourselves to Him. That is my motivation to be a Mormon. To grow closer to my Heavenly Father. I know that this church, is the only church in which we can obtain the strongest relationship possible. That is something I need in my life. And I am so thankful to have found it in this church.

How I live my faith

In my life now I live my faith by serving as a missionary. I spent two years of my life doing the Lords work talking to others about how they can strengthen their relationship with their Father in Heaven and how they can grow and become better people through The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I live my faith also through the way I go through my day. I try to focus on having clean and uplifting thoughts. Thoughts that help me want to be a better person, and also think of others in a better way. I've tried to apply the teachings of ancient and modern prophets in my life by finding small ways of putting God first in my life. Studying the scriptures before I study other things, praying when big life decisions come my way, and also eating healthy. avoiding harming substances (like drugs, coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco) and exercising to take care of my body, a gift from God. As I have lived longer in life I've gained a better understanding of the need to do the little things. To be a follower of Christ "in word and deed". I live in such a way by loving others as much as I can. I serve others, and always try to focus on uplifting and positive thoughts. To put my life second in my world, and the lives of those around me first. Helping people do small things and also do acts of service without seeking recognition. That to me, has become of the most powerful ways to live my faith. I know that by doing such I can grow but most of all help others in this journey of life we all pass through.