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Hi I'm Peter

I'm a college professor with a lovely wife and two talented children I'm a church member since 1989.

About Me

I have a real interest in sports having played hockey as a child and done well at a lot of school sports growing up. Later I became one of the best in by country in my track and field event and got to do some travelling for competitions and training. I still keep active running and playing basketball and hockey for fun and it keeps me in good shape for my age. And I'm still a fan of many sports. My wife plays the piano and has taught our children. I started teaching myself and I was getting better but I haven't kept practicing enough. My daughter plays but also sings beautifully and I enjoy listening to her. My singing voice left me some years ago when I had trouble with my vocal chords so I miss being able to sing well. I have a great job teaching in a community college where I feel sometimes make a bit of a difference in some students' lives. I think they can see that I'm enthusiastic about my teaching and about life. I was adopted as a child and had great parents. I met my birth mother and her six children (my half-siblings) when I was 39 and we still keep in touch. My own children are also adopted so you could say I'm a bit of an expert on the subject. I've started writing a book about adoption which I think will be called "Adoption Angles" since I have been involved with adoption from all angles.

Why I am a Mormon

I was an atheist growing up because I felt that since you couldn't prove there was a God then no God existed, although there was something in the very back of my mind that told me that there must be something more. I met a member of the church while travelling in my early 20's and having been introduced to the church by her I ended up meeting with some missionaries years later in my hometown. I went to church meetings to learn about the church and I enjoyed the experience. Although I didn't believe what was being taught I felt different and that feeling must have kept me coming. After about 6 months I had learned a lot about the teachings of the church but I still couldn't bring myself to believe it. But there was a power that kept me searching and praying. I was praying fervently to know if I should join the church. I had heard many others testify to me that they knew it was true. They were intelligent people who didn't seem to "need" religion but who were sincere in their conviction and sure in their faith. After much prayer I finally had a powerful experience where I knew I was to be baptized. There was a feeling of certainly so strong that I couldn't deny it. I was more excited at that moment and for many weeks after than at any time in my life. The excitement confirmed to me that it was true. I have had many spiritual experiences in my life that I can't describe but there were always feelings and emotions that would only be caused by the spirit. I wouldn't have any of those feelings for any other reason. I'm more sensitive now in many ways and being a member of the church has given me hope and purpose in life. I'm also not so afraid of death which is inevitable because I have a knowledge that comforts me. When my mother passed away I wasn't troubled nearly as much because of my faith. I hope that many in the world can have this peace and comfort that I enjoy in my life. I feel I've been blessed in many ways as a result of my faith.

How I live my faith

One way I try to live my faith is by consistently attending church services on Sundays and keeping Sunday as a holy day (the Sabbath day). I don't do any work for my job or play any sports on Sunday and I try not to just sit around watching TV. I also pray every day although perhaps still not as much as I should. I really want to pray morning and evening, at all meals and whenever else I feel the need. I try to read and even study scriptures during the week. I get many opportunities to teach lessons on Sundays and to speak in church meetings so that motivates me to dig into the scriptures for ideas, inspiration and content for my lessons or talks. I try to study the scriptures regularly and learn more about the gospel even when I'm not required to teach it. One of the most important ways to live my faith is to show kindness to my wife. It's not always easy for anyone in a marriage but I am always reminded when I study scriptures or attend church meetings to be careful about my thoughts and behaviour and to show love as the Saviour did. I'm not perfect, but I try to be forgiving and give others the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best they can. This is most important within my own family. Leading by example in my own family is probably the most important way I can live my faith. I've served in positions of responsibility in the church including as a Branch President where I had responsibilities to lead a congregation. I've also worked with children and young men as a teacher and activity leader. These opportunities have taught me a lot and have stretched me to grow as I've had to overcome my own weaknesses. The Church really helps us by having a lay ministry and opportunities for us to serve in the organization of the church. I'm more faithful in my life because of these responsibilities. I don't drink alcohol or coffee which sets me apart in my business life and helps me let others know about my faith and the blessings I receive.