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Hi I'm Owen Laurie

Hi, I'm a Latter-Day Saint from British Columbia, Canada. I'm 18, and preparing to serve a mission in Paris, France!

About Me

I have graduated high school, currently preparing to serve our Heavenly Father setting goals to be a doctor and to support a healthy happy family. I have played piano since I was 5, and have taught lessons for two years as part of a plan to save up for my mission, along with several other part-time jobs over the years. I love playing basketball, soccer, and my hobbies include playing piano, singing, and reading scriptures. I love meeting new people and my goal is to try and help everyone feel included, especially investigators of the church. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there, and I have been blessed so greatly by the gospel and hope others will the same burning inspiration I do.

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate enough to be born into a Mormon family. My mother experienced tough times during my time of birth, and was conflicted whether to stay in the church, when she was inspired to stay in the church in order to give me the best life possible. In my childhood, our religion was simply a part of life. I had never known anything different! That being said, it didn't prevent me from faking sick every now and then so I could stay home and read books or play video games, and I look back on these times with an element of shame. I am so glad that these attitudes of carelessness for the gospel did not carry on with me through my teenage years. When I turned 12 and joined the young men's program and the Priesthood, I would often look up to the older young men, watching, learning, and I was inspired by their love towards me and the other young men. This set an example for me, and I was filled with a desire to have such knowledge of the gospel as they had, and to be capable of such love as they held. But through the years of my youth, I experienced trials as all of us do. I confronted myself with questions, whether I wanted to or not! Oftentimes I would become so frustrated with my own questioning so as to completely distract me from my tasks. I didn't understand, I had always known God was there, I still knew that God was there! I knew the Church was true, and I knew that God loved me, and yet for some reason my mind kept trying to trick myself into doubting this knowledge. It was then that I realized that God was allowing me to experience such trials not only to further strengthen my faith, but so that I would know the answers to such doubt-based questions, in the case that someone outside of the faith may question me. I testify with all the strength of my soul, that this is the true Gospel of Christ, that this church has been established on the Earth by the hand of God, and that this work will roll forth unto all nations. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

How I live my faith

I love to help others, especially the youth. I continually strive to help others feel welcome and to be a happy-go-lucky support to everyone. The reason for this is because of an experience I had while working one summer. I went to Langley to work for my grandpa for a month, and while I was attending the church there, nervous as can be, the youth immediately helped me to feel so welcome, as if I was in my home ward. I recognized this blessing and I applied it in many ways. Even on Trek I was put in a family group in which there were a few individuals who were quiet, unsure, and not physically able to take on the workload. I pulled the cart the entire way, continually including everyone. At one point a boy in my family was getting picked on, so I told the other kids to be nicer to him and not to pick on people, and he just loved that. I was presented with a very tender moment during the testimony meeting, where I first bore my testimony, then encouraged the young boy to do the same. After some encouragement, he finally went up, and told everyone how he had just been made a member a week before, and how it was his first time he ever bore his testimony, and how grateful he was that he could have met so many amazing people on trek. A young man who attends my school, was born with a disability and was nervous when talking to people. When he did, it was a quiet whisper. Last year I watched as my cousin, a graduate, talked to him and made good friends with him. This year, my cousin now graduated, I was working on a science project on a computer, and the disabled young man pulled a chair up next to me, booted his computer up, and smiled and laughed as his screensaver came on. He turned to his assistant and whispered, "I miss him already". Interested, I looked over, and it was a picture of him and my cousin smiling.