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Hi I'm Nicole Palmer

I was born in Belfast, most of my family is or was Jehovah's whiteness's, Im a 1950's & art lover & Im a Mormon xxx

About Me

Heyy I'm Nicole, I got baptised into the lds church on the 19th of February 2011 when I was 14 years old I absolutely adore everything about the 1950's, the music, the clothes, I've always been a bit of an old soul... I also love animals I have three dogs a schnauzer called mia a sheep dog called moe and a west highland terrier cross Yorkshire terrier named bentson and a little cat called noodles... I love to draw and I have a complete obsession with shoes tehe ;) I also love history some of my favourite historical events are the history of medicine and the Salem and Pendle witch trials, weird I know. I also really want to travel, discover different ways of life and experience them myself, but the things that are most important to mii is my family and my Heavenly Farther and his son Jesus Christ...

Why I am a Mormon

One thing that many people ask me is "How do you know for certain that God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and this church is true???" and my answer is always the same "it's like the wind you cant see it but you can feel it..." I am a Mormon today because to me it all makes sense. before I got baptised I was living simply because I was alive in the sense that I was doing anything a teenager would do like hanging out with friends going to parties but I never smoked or anything sexual like I said before I've always been old fashioned... But now, I am living with a purpose or destiny, call it what you may but the church has helped me and my family in so many ways that I just cannot deny that which brigs so much light to mine and my family life... So yes I do firmly believe that our heavenly farther Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost live and that the profit Joseph Smith really did restore this gospel back to earth today.

How I live my faith

I live my faith threw reading my scriptures daily and serving others regularly I also live my faith through sharing this true gospel with as many people as I can... because I am truly grateful for the missionaries that came to my family's home and I am thankful for the happiness which is now in my family's life and I want soo much for others to feel this happiness too!

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

Nicole Palmer
we believe that modesty is the best policy, that means that we treat our body's with respect and ware clothes that aren't reviling e.g. skirts, dress's & shorts must be just above the knee or longer, as for top and dresses they must cover up your breast's and shoulders and its practically the same for the men short's & trousers must come to the knee or longer and top's must cover shoulders I guess what I'm saying is our bodies are like temples so we should treat them like one... Members that are attending church will most likely be wearing their "Sunday best" which is normally suit, tie and smart shoes for men and dresses or skirts and a top for women and the same for children and teenagers. As for holidays we celebrate them all... Christmas obviously to signify the birth of Christ and Ester to signify the suffering and death of Christ's atonement for our sins and the resurrection... we also celebrate Halloween, birthdays anniversaries and national events celebrated in whatever country a member may live in. xxx keep smiling :) Show more Show less