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Hi I'm Jacob

I grew up in Nebraska & Wyoming. I served 4+years as an infantryman in the US Army and now serving a mission in the Las Vegas.

About Me

Although some wouldn't agree I consider myself as a "convert" to the LDS church. I was "born" into the church, but not to long after baptism I was back and forth between grandparents who where of a different faith and my actual parents. By high school I was with my grandparents in Nebraska who where some of the best loving Christians I ever knew and the LDS faith was far behind me. We always went to church to a great non-denominational church called Christ Community who were all very focused on the youth/kids, helping the best they knew how to make sure we all had that sure foundation of Jesus Christ to build and grow off of. By my senior yeah of high school I was already enlisted in the Army as an Infantry man and following shortly after graduation I was in basic training. By the end of 2010 I was starting my almost 13 month tour in one of the worst valleys of Afghanistan. After returning with a third less of the men we left with, I was lost and confused, suffering from the things we had to endure while serving our country. I was trying to find peace and something that could help me find true joy and happiness in my life which I found in the LDS or "Mormon" Church. I am now on serving my 2 year mission for the LDS church trying to help as many find the true joy and peace which I found through coming to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ which I know and bare testimony without a doubt in my mind, heart, and very soul that the LDS or "Mormons" church has:)

Why I am a Mormon

As only a young man just returning from war, seeing many things that most can't imagine having to ever see or do during their life time; I guess it was only natural to not know how to deal with everything that had happen. By the time I returned home from Afghanistan I was to point where I was wishing daily that something would happen to me. That maybe for once I could be the one that died so I wouldn't have to feel this terrible pain of lost and guilt that only built upon itself after returning. Even my family would say at times that it was like I had no life or light inside of me anymore and almost as if I was just a robot going through life. For me I was trying all these things trying to feel something again within side of me. To "fix" me. I would beg in prayer all the time and read the scriptures and go to church, but seem like at times feel happy, but never peace. I finally started to give up and turning to other things of the world which only really made things worst for me. It was finally because of one person that found me who was Mormon, through one of my soldiers families that she planted that seed in me again to start trying one more time before giving up completely. Through her and other events with this church including my mission finally after over 2 1/2 years I was able to find that peace I was looking for. That's how I know that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ because of the book of Mormon and the role it had in literally saving me and why I will always call myself a Mormon. To many times have I truly felt that clam, yet peaceful spirit the church has about it

How I live my faith

While serving in the Army I was surprisingly a huge example to many others that were around me. By choosing to be different and following what we teach in the church, others saw me as someone they could rely on and trust to stay true to who I was and believed was right. Now being on my mission as a missionary for this church, I realized just how much and how many people rely on me through out much of the world not only to be an example on how to live and over come personal struggles, but also as someone who tries to help and love everyone just as Christ did which is the soul purpose for us missionaries around the world. As a missionary it can be difficult to stay in touch with help as many as you would like. So that's why I continue to write both emails and hand written letters to not only my family and friends through out different places of the world, but even more so my soldiers that are over seas in the hope to not only encourage them to continue to press forward with a head held high, but help and influence as many as I can with what I know about Jesus Christ Gospel no matter what their situation is. Once I return home I am not entirely sure which way I will go. I have many options and doors open from returning to the military to serve, to college, other jobs, to even perhaps starting a family of my own with whatever path the Lord leads me down. Either way I know that I want to and plan on continuing to share the gospel with others whether it is with people within or outside of my faith in the hope to help and strengthen anyone that I can by helping them understand what we all can have here in this life and in the life to come. To help others find that puzzle piece of life they might be missing as I was:)