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Hi I'm Zach Capps

I grew up in California and have lived here for all 18 years of my life. I love sports. I am a Mormon

About Me

I'm Zach and I have grown up all my life in the California desert. I love the hot weather and doing water sports such as swimming, wake boarding, tubing, etc. I love playing any sport, whether it's with a ball or a board I will love it!! I'm very competitive and if there is a new sport, I will be the first to try it! My favorite sports are basketball, snowboarding, wake boarding, and volleyball. I love every chance I get to play them. If I'm not playing a sport I am socializing with my family and friends showing my weird sense of humor. I'm currently a sophomore in college and I love the college atmosphere and gaining an education. I still am undecided on my career choice but I want to take my time with it, being that I will want to enjoy my job, that I will do for the rest of my life. I am just like a lot of people in this world, I love having fun and I wake up every morning trying to bring joy to myself and others. The gospel has helped every aspect of my life, whether it be protection, reaching out to others, and having the best possible time while here on earth. I am a Mormon. I live it. I love it.

Why I am a Mormon

It came time for me to graduate from high school and the next step was obvious, I would attend a 4-year college. Because of the natural reasons of wanting to leave the house I didn't want to live close to home. I looked around at some schools and I saw how cheap BYU-Idaho was. I went to the school hoping to have a lot of fun and get a quick cheap education. While I attended, my priorities were naturally set straight through my friends and coming to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only true Church in the world. I had grown up a Mormon, but it actually took reading that book (Book of Mormon) to really know it was the correct religion. I was still the same person that I grew up to be, meaning I loved sports, hanging out with friends and still having my same sense of humor. I am still the same person in these ways but one thing did change, I knew how happy I was with the gospel in my life, and I had a knowledge of the correct way to live my life in order to be happy and also to live with my Father in heaven! That's my conversion story and it changed my life. Now that I know it's true, I want to share it with others and that's why I am serving a mission. I know the happiness my religion brings me and I want to bring it to others!! I know that the gospel brings true happiness because for a time I wasn't living it and that was the most distraught I've ever been. The gospel helps others in so many ways and if everyone would just read the Book of Mormon, lives would change everywhere and you individually will know with surety that this is Christ's Church.

How I live my faith

I love my faith and religion, along with everything that accompanies this. Going to church every Sunday helps remind me what is most important in this life and we also get to see all the other members who attend church. We are one big family and we all try to help each other out. Even if someone is moving away from us, we still are all there to help that person move out even though we are going to miss them and their contribution to our ward. We all are closely knit and we want happiness for each other so we learn the ways of the gospel while we are together. Currently, on Sundays it is my responsibility to teach the young men of ages 14-16. I love this calling and I relate to them well because I know how they think and the situations that they go through. I love each of them that I teach and to show my love towards them I want them to find there testimony in this gospel that they may be as happy as they have ever been on this earth and realize what is most important so this can pave the way for the rest of their life. This is how I contribute to my ward but even if we do or do not have a calling, we all still love and serve those that are in need. Whether they are of the faith or not, we are all God's children and we want to help everyone here on the earth while we can. I know the power of service and not only does it help others tremendously, it helps ourselves to grow and brings true immediate happiness.