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Hi I'm Kristen

I'm a convert to the church. I searched for answers and now I've finally found them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a native of the rainy state of Washington. Having lived out in the mountains/deserts of Utah for the past few years has really provided me with a good opportunity to miss the rain more often than usual. My background with the church really started when I was researching college majors. When looking for a new university to transfer to, the state of Utah seemed to draw me in for some reason that I couldn't explain at the time. Now I recognize that is was the Holy Ghost guiding my heart and desire to travel to the Rocky Mountains. While I did my research, I pondered my need to find a career that would mesh together my love for sports and community service. After graduating with the perfect degree from Utah State University, I began working and making friends and actually never moved back home. Now I enjoy every minute of my life with my husband and our friends. We enjoy the outdoors, indoors, and everything in between :)

Why I am a Mormon

I am a convert to the church. I got baptized in the spring of 2010. My faith in Christ has grown exponentially since learning the truths of this gospel. I was baptized Catholic as a baby, but really didn't identify with any particular religious sect growing up. I considered myself to be Christian but didn't follow any specific denomination's belief patterns. I went to private school and had good standards while growing up. I guess you could say I had it pretty easy when it came to choosing for myself which church I wanted to attend. As I got older, I began to notice something was missing. I could feel the Holy Ghost at times, but couldn't feel anything at others. After attending one church for most of middle school, I stopped attending because of sports and other priorities I had made for myself. The teachings of the church were good and the youth group activities were enjoyable, but I never felt like I had found the place to call "home" in regards to religion. I went back to my old church from elementary school and found some great people and some decent lessons that were taught. Again, nothing stuck. I moved to yet another church in my area where I stayed during my remaining 2 years of high school. After graduating, going to college out of state, and visiting home for the holidays, I returned to that church. A nagging feeling came... I knew (again) that this wasn't in the right place. Long story short, I transferred universities and ended up in Utah at school. Here, I was surrounded by loving Mormons who welcomed me with open arms and never pressured me to make a decision about going to church. After attending church on my own, a heavy feeling of peace washed over me. The missing puzzle piece that my heart was searching for, finally settled into place. I have never looked back. Seven months later I was baptized. Then, I married my best friend and love of my life in August 2014 in the Boise Idaho temple. I know this church is true and the gospel saves lives.

How I live my faith

I am a lover of learning and the greatest thing about my congregation is the fact that we all have great things to teach each other. The wonderful part of being a Latter-day Saint is the eternal perspective through which we view our lives. There is always something to look forward to either in this life or the life to come. Passing along this knowledge is what drives me to live the life that my Heavenly Father would desire for me. I live my faith by following Christ's example and serving my fellow man. My Savior wants us to always be in the service of others. By doing this we are exemplifying His ways and glorifying Him in all that we do. The classic acronym "WWJD" (what would Jesus do?) applies to all of us. If we emulate the Savior, we can show others that there is hope and light that can be seen in our ever-darkening world. By following the latter-day prophets, apostles, and other church leaders, we too can see the light.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon brings me joy to my life. After searching for the answers to life's big questions like "Why am I here?" and "Where did I really come from?", I found answers! This church brings new meaning and depth to words like "family" and "repentance". The eternal perspective I now have in my life is amazing. I know that families are essential to God's plan of happiness for our lives. If we follow His words from past prophets, as well as from those whom He has called today, we can have true knowledge of His purposes for our lives. Show more Show less