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Hi I'm Joshua Myers

I was raised in Laton California, I'm an Eng. Major at BYUI, served in the Idaho Nampa Mission, I'm a Sci-Fi writer, and a Mormon.

About Me

Well I was born into the church, my dad was a missionary in Argentina when he first my mom, who was also on her mission. they were Married in the Buenos Aires Temple, and that was the first day my family began. Growing up I never thought that being a Mormon made me so different than everyone else. But I never really thought myself to be good at anything, I was on my high schools basketball team all 4 years but mostly on the Bench. I had good grades in school, but not the best though, I never thought I would be able to achieve anything more than a desk job. When I was in my Freshman year I English in Mr. Ryan's class, he also was a member of the church, and I was glad to be there because I learned I actually loved to read, I also found out that I was very creative. And when we had projects for writing our own little stories I realized that what I had was actually good stuff. So I started writing little bits a pieces of this one fantastic idea I had full of heroes and monsters and secret organizations at war with each other, and I realized all these things fit together with the proper plot. The Bible and Book of Mormon are an actual stories in this Life that have happened that I look to for Ideas of heroes. I'm serving in the Idaho Nampa mission right now, but after I finish I will continue my dream of being an author.

Why I am a Mormon

I use to think that since I was born into the church it mean't I could only be a Mormon for the rest of my life. But then I learned that I had My own agency to choose that I could make for myself. Before, I would had thought of ways my life would be better if I wasn't a Mormon, but the thing is, I could never think of a reason good enough. I mean there are a lot of people outside the church who look like the happiest people with this extra freedom that hey have, no commitments that wouldnt allow them to explore. But we have our agency to do that even in the church, but the promises we make in the church are what protects us from the mistakes we will make. The church has both the Freedom to choose and allows us to have true Happiness. When people come to me and ask "Why are you in that church?" I would say, "Why wouldn't be in the the church?'' and when they answer me their reasons I would go through and think about them very carefully. Then i would explain what happiness that the Church has instore for everyone. The reason I Believe that this is the true church of Jesus Christ is becuase I've never felt any closer to him than anywhere else, that there is more in life than to live how we would want to live, that if we live the way God wants us to that we would be living happy and meaningful lives here and after we pass into the next life, and with the steps we take in the church we will be able to receive the Greatest blessings God has to offer.

How I live my faith

When my dad became bishop of our ward, it was like we had become the example family, our whole family participated in all the church events,every Sunday we were at church til about 3 and every Wednesday we would be at Mutual and scouts planning activities for the weekend or learning new merit badges. And every other Saturday we would go to service projects, yard sales, camping trips, anything to keep us busy. Growing up as a member of the church felt hard because when you want to do something and its wrong, you probably know you shouldn't do it in the first place, making you me feel super guilty every time I mess up. At that time I thought being a Mormon was a big burden and no fun at all. But then I think of all the good things that the church had done for me and how it was a blessing for my life and a blessing to the lives it touched. There were times in my life were I've made mistakes that I wish I could go back and undo, but then I remember that through God's help I could move on with my life, move forward and not worry about my past, and I'm grateful for that. I am serving my Mission for 2 years to Share the love the Gospel can bring to peoples lives, including mine.

Are Mormons Christians?

Joshua Myers
In short, I believe that Christianity is determined on how much faith you have in Jesus Christ and whether you truly believe he is our Savior. If you believe in Him, then you are a Christian. Show more Show less