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Hi I'm Tyler Pulido

Born and raised in Utah. My family culture is half and half Peruvian and American. I am a devout Christian.

About Me

I consider myself to be one who loves to build and create, or to be creative. I love to play instruments, my favorite is the Guitar. I love to sing, play futbol, study architecture and interior design, I love to cook Peruvian cuisine. I come from Spanish Fork, Utah, I have grown up there with a loving family that is very tight knit. Our family culture is largely Peruvian. I attended Snow College for 1 year it changed my life... I learned how to better obey God's commandments and love his gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was younger around 14 or 15 years old, I was very disinterested in the church. Having grown up with the LDS culture of Utah all around me, I saw what I perceived to be hypocrisy and superficiality. Also having been raised by a father who was honest and sincere, and many times very blunt in his approaches, I took on the same attitude and isolated myself from what I thought were bad members. But I realized with the help of some good and true friends down the road, the gospel of this church laid down by Jesus Christ through the 1st prophet of the church Joseph Smith is true. It wasn't dependent on whether the people around me lived it well or not, it was true... I learned this for myself as I lived the commandments, and I learned how happy I could be through obedience, and how unhappy I was through breaking God's laws. I started making it my goal in life to be happy, and the only way to achieve that happiness is to bring myself closer to God through the gospel he has restored on the earth in these Latter Days. I know this church is true. And let it be written and known to all the peoples of the earth that I know it is true, and that there isn't anyone or anything that can convince me otherwise. I have felt the spirit of God, and that is a feeling I cannot deny. God lives and he knows us each, each of us by name. He knows me by my name, and knows how to comfort me when I struggle. He will never forget any of God's children, no matter how far we think we may have fallen, he beckons us home. I as a Missionary of this church am going out into the world to help his children to learn of their worth, and to come home to him. This is my testimony.

How I live my faith

My father would be considered an Old School kind of man. My dad taught me to live by very high moral standards and to be honest and sincere. The way I manifest my faith is through my actions and words... While I know I am not perfect, I have done my best to always live that way, especially when it is unpopular to be "churchy" I am not afraid to show my allegiance with the Savior Jesus Christ.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Tyler Pulido
There are many problems that we see in the world today. Crime, corruption, hate, contention, and wars have been etched all over the earths history. Many if not all of these things can be traced directly back to the disintegration of the family. The family is so important to shaping a child into someone who can be happy with themselves and who will be a positive influence in this world. Satan, the adversary, the devil, the great deceiver, knows that this is true. Because he knows that the family is so important, he directly attacks it. When there is contention inside the family, it finds its way to others outside of it eventually. When the unfortunate situation of single parenting as a result of divorce or births out of wedlock occur, children struggle growing up, as they lack the mother and father that are essential to identity and values in this world. We all desire to feel loved in this life. And God knows this emptiness in the human mind, and has filled it with what we call family. People who should be the closest, most dearest people to us. To guide each other and build one another up when the world seems to tear them down. "The family: A Proclamation to the World" defines on what the family should be. This direction given to us from the Lord through our modern day prophets, tells us in detail one of the major keys to finding happiness and joy... Through the family. Show more Show less