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Hi I'm Teya

My name is Teya, I am a convert to the church. And I am a Mormon

About Me

My name is Teya. I am a collage student, I work full time and am working toward serving a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints come next summer. I am a recent convert to the church and was baptized only 6 months ago.. Still new to the faith but very sure of its truth. I am from a big family of 8 kids and was raised by a single mother. I love to perform in many different ways: be it singing, playing an instrument, performing a skit or dancing. I love sharing talent and joy with those around me. One of my greatest passions is Ballroom Dancing, I am working towards finding a partner and joining some competitions. I believe strongly in the church and admire those who share its joy with others.

Why I am a Mormon

The question WHY is one the best question you could ever ask someone. The reason I am a Mormon is a simple one. Because I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the teachings of the Book of Mormon. I was not raised in the church but have always upheld the standards of the church. Choosing to be clean, modest and passing by opportunities to go to the bar with friends, but I always craved for the understands and peace these decisions gave to my Lds friends. When my best friend had come home from her mission and talked about the miracles she had seen and heard, I started to ask a million questions to her, to the other return missionaries and to the active missionaries in my area. Soon they started speaking of the Book of Mormon and the teachings of Jesus Christ. After a few months I started reading the book on my own and praying to know if what they said was true. Discovering within my self for the first time true inner peace, love and understanding. We follow the words of wisdom to keep our bodies clean, which makes us feel physically better, we choose not to sleep with many people because it makes us feel emotionally more balanced, we do service for each other to show love to those around us and we in turn receive great blessings, of balance, love, peace, and inner strength. We emphasis families to increase our temporal support systems, that provide help in our times of need. I am a Mormon. And I have seen the greatness the gospel provides and I encourage everyone including myself to question why we believe and remember the most basic of values and wisdom that can be found with in the scriptures and in the teachings of the church. Reach out, ask questions and share your thoughts with others. You too will feel uplifted and changed for the better. :)

How I live my faith

I was a member of the Family Home Evening Committee for my singles ward. On Monday nights we would do different activities that were both fun and educational. It helped introduce new people and forge new friendships and provide a simple lesson that would remind us to keep the gospel with in our hearts. I am still pretty new to the religion myself but I find that reading one chapter of the scriptures and studying one topic a little everyday provides a great comfort and assurity in our ever darkening world to have faith and hope for the future to be bright. I've found by speaking about my faith with others and telling them of my ideas and thoughts, that my faith has grown stronger, and listening to others has given me new ideas to ponder on and to incorporate into my own life. We cant possibly survive this world on our own which is why we have each other.

What is faith?

In the scriptures we read: "faith is to hope for things which are not seen, which are true." Alma 32:21 and Hebrews 11:1. Faith is not a tangible thing, you can't hold it like a book, hear it like a song, or taste it like a piece of fruit. But it is as powerful and as necessary as the air we breath. Usually we have an idea or a thought for how we want things to turn out. If someone is sick we want for them to get better. Having faith is focusing on that out come and believing with out a doubt in our minds that will happen. People know that Jesus will once more come to the earth that knowledge is considered faith because there is no proof in a scientific sense that it will happen. Faith something we find with in ourselves. Believing that things will be a certain way with out any proof or knowledge that it will be. Having faith in God is more than a theoretical belief in Him. To have faith in God is to trust Him, to have confidence in Him, and to be wiling to act on your belief in Him. Show more Show less