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Hi I'm Jeremy

I was born in Utah, and raised predominately in Boise, Idaho. I am a student at Brigham Young University in Provo.

About Me

For the majority of my childhood I grew up in Boise, Idaho. We moved around quite a bit but always managed to stay in or around Boise. I am the oldest of three kids, one brother and one sister. My parents were both born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and as such I was too. Our family lived a simple life. School and friends during the school year and during the Summer, more friends and usually some sort of swimming activity. During the spring time my father and i would often go out and play baseball together. He played baseball in high school and some in college and because of that I fell in love with the game as well. Unfortunately health problems robbed me of the chance to play further into high school and so on. As for now I am planning on serving a two year LDS church mission after which I plan on returning back to school and hopefully completing a degree in Computer Science.

Why I am a Mormon

I think every person on this earth that has lived or ever will live will at some point wonder and question what their purpose is and ponder what religion in general has to offer. The idea that a being high than ourselves has a vested interest in us all is something quite amazing. As we human beings begin to gain more and more intelligence we want to be able to solve or prove why we exist in ways that religion offers. We as human beings have figured out how our own bodies work and discovered atoms and what how to use this information to better are lives. We have even traversed space and have been able to go to the moon and back. Simply amazing! I believe that there is a God. I also believe that science is not separate from religion but they together go hand in hand. God created this universe and many people think of God, or Heavenly Father as we tend to talk about Him, as this amazing magician that does these amazing things. I don't see it that way. I tend to see Him as the scientist with perfect knowledge of how things work. I don't pretend to understand how He did that or how He does a lot of things but I do know He is real and was once like us, and that we have the opportunity and the potential to become like He is now. There has never been a perfect person on this Earth but one, Jesus Christ. And He is the literal Son of God in the flesh. He, with divine ability, was able to live a perfect life so he could enact the Atonement for us all on this Earth who are imperfect. I also believe this Church is His same church that existed with Adam, Moses, and when Christ himself was on the Earth. After 1800 years of Apostasy His church was restored through a living prophet named Joseph Smith. I know he saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the flesh. I know that he was able to translate the Book of Mormon in part to prove his legitimacy as a prophet of God and also to prove the Bible to be true when translated correctly.

How I live my faith

My faith is a big part of my everyday life. When I was at home with my family we would always go to church on Sundays from about 11:00-2:00. Recently I was asked if I would be a teacher for a Primary class which consisted of 8-10 little 8 year olds during Sunday school. As with every calling in our Church, it is completely voluntary, but I accepted the calling. Now I have no formal training on how to teach others, let alone little kids, and add that to that the fact that I was 2 years removed from graduating high school. And here I am finding myself being asked to teach these children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first few times were hard, and I was especially nervous (especially with such a large class of about 11), but the more times I taught the better each one seemed to go. That was an amazing opportunity that I otherwise might have turned down out of fear and/or of the believe that I was incapable of doing it. I am so glad I chose to do that and because of that my personal testimony grew of the simplicity and truthfulness of this Gospel. I look back and see that by teaching (or at least trying my best to teach) the Gospel to these little 8 year olds I was actually the one learning the most. Now I no longer teach that class anymore. Instead I have made plans to serve a 2 year LDS church mission. In our Church young men around 18-21 years old are asked to serve a 2 year mission. Any and all young women that also chose to serve are also welcome at around 19-21 years of age. This 2 year mission is also a calling of this church and is, as are all callings, totally voluntary. It should also be said that all missionaries that go out to serve a mission should do so not because it is expected of them but because they want to. I know many good faithful members who simply decided to not serve. In any case I am excited to go and to serve, which is are primary purpose for going, to serve our fellow men, and to introduce others to the church.