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Hi I'm Rostam Kamvar

I'm in the Navy Reserve, I work for the power company as a service helper, I'm a convert, I'm a Mormon

About Me

I live in Virginia with my wife and daughter, and I am currently supporting my family by working as a service helper for the power company. I love to play soccer and the cello, and I take any oppurtunity I can to play either. I love movies and music, and since joining the church, my taste in both has vastly improved. Before I became Mormon, I believed in God, but was not on good terms with Him at the time. Things were rough for a long time, but I can safely say that there is a huge difference between the hard times in life before I joined the church, and the hard times after.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because of one, simple reason. I know the plan of salvation to be true. Ever since I first started being a christian when I was a teenager, I never quite understood the different beliefs on how everyone was saved, what disqualified you from salvation, and how those that never learned the gospel are saved. Although I didn't have much interest at the time, when the missionaries were teaching me the plan of salvation, it seemed right. It was more of an old memory being refreshed. I don't have a better explanation, the plan of salvation was vaguely familiar, even though I have never been exposed to LDS doctrine prior to the lesson. All the gospel that is taught is great, and does improve my life, but I would have never taken it any further if I did not receive that revelation. I do not know how to explain it properly, but I am happy to try for those that are interested. The other reasons I choose to be Mormon are hard to argue with, the church is a strong support system of people that are reliable, they teach children, teenagers, and adults, good morals and to be courteous, helpful, and generous to others, and overall the community has the most comfortable feel to it that I have ever experienced. In other words, I feel more at peace when I'm at this church or with other church members, than I do anywhere else or with anyone else.

How I live my faith

I work with a bunch of construction workers, so living by the gospel is not easy, but I manage. The best way I can live my faith is by example. What I say and how I act around others can be a testament to the truth. The one big thing I look forward to, is going to church the few times I can. I also help the young men of the church organize and plan activities, events, and service projects.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Rostam Kamvar
Everyone can tell you what is true until they're blue in the face, but the fact is you have to know it is true for yourself. The best way to discover this, is to ask God. In the New testament James 1:5-6, it pretty much says that if you have any doubts, you should pray sincerely to God, and you will receive an answer. What I did, and what I suggest to others, is that when you feel you sincerely want to know if this is the true gospel, to get on your knees, and pray to Heavenly Father. Ask Him as you would a friend, and wait for an answer. Prayers are always answered, but sometimes we have a hard time listening to the answer. Show more Show less