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Hi I'm Hannah Knight

Passionate about science, the outdoors, the cello, my bird Peter, singing, and chocolate.

About Me

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah with my parents, an older sister and two younger brothers. I love animals, being outdoors, talking, and above all, chocolate. I was a ballerina until I moved to mesa, Arizona when I was 14 and I also play the cello all through my high school years. I love the performing arts and had many opportunities growing up to share my love of music and art. Although I never formally studied it, my favorite performing art is singing. Whether in the car, the shower, the grocery store, (insert place here), or all by my lonesome in the wilderness, I love to sing. I sing because I have found no other way to communicate emotion better than through song and particularly because it is how I know that Heavenly Father is real and loves me. My favorite thing to do in this whole world is to sing to a guitar around a campfire under a starlit sky. There is just something about music, and the good ol' outdoors that can really make you feel alive. Possibly my second favorite thing to do is eat chocolate. Don't ask me how, but that stuff seriously has magical healing powers. Ok, NOW ask me how, because I want to work in the medical field after college! So I probably should figure out that chocolate signals the release of hormones in your brain that make you happy. SO COOL. After my mission to Rome, Italy, I will return to BYU and more fully understand the scientific reasons behind my love of chocolate. For now, I am madly studying Italian and loving it!

Why I am a Mormon

Being Mormon is a choice I make everyday. I have learned that freedom doesn't mean free to choose the consequences, but rather the ability to choose at all. By following the commandments, I'm free from addictions and other consequences that would take away my choice. Some people think that commandments are restrictions. I ask you to consider this idea: Heavenly Father gives us standards because he knows that following them will give us the most happiness. I'll repeat the main idea because it's weird, I know. Obedience = happiness. The reason I have this view is because I have experienced for myself the blessings that come when we act for ourselves the way God wants us to act. Another reason I am Mormon is because I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. The more I read it, the more I find that the doctrine is absolutely in tune with the Bible, and that its teachings bring love and happiness into my life. If I didn't feel it, I wouldn't be able to live it. But this gospel is true. I know it because I have felt it through the Holy Ghost. It preaches love, service, and virtue. It celebrates the risen Lord and the ability of everyone to live again after this life with the ones they have loved and served on earth. The Book of Mormon will testify of this to anyone who reads it. That is the promise of Moroni in ch 10 and I invite all to read it.

How I live my faith

Currently, I am family home evening mom in my ward!! This is a fabulous calling because I get to look out for 16 boys and girls in my apartment complex and do fun things with them each Monday night. It is a good time to remember that we truly are brothers and sisters in the gospel and can be stronger as a community that knows and cares for its members. Additionally as I mentioned above, I am going on a Mission to Rome. The decision to serve was not easy to make. Before I go into my story, I would like to preface with this: my fears were because of a lack of faith, and they do not correlate with how I feel now. Here is how I felt before I started my mission papers: growing up, I'd sometimes I feel like my voice wasn't valued because people would project their negative feelings toward me onto what I had to say regardless of its truthfulness; imagine how I felt about going to a place where I don't know anything about the people or their lives and telling them that they should believe a certain thing. After I started my papers, I realized that a missionaries purpose is to help others come unto Christ. It isn't about making people change, or telling them they are wrong; if either of these things are what they need to hear, the Holy Ghost will tell them. I realized that my only job was to bring the spirit, and teach the doctrine, and over time the Holy Ghost would do the rest. Before I got my call, my friend asked me where I would go if I could go anywhere. I told her that Rome, Italy was my dream mission. What an evidence it is to me that mission calls are inspired, that we are children of God, and that Heavenly Father knows the desires of our hearts. What a tender mercy my mission call has already been. I cannot WAIT to serve!!!

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Hannah Knight
As a woman, the first time I heard this question I was surprised. For me growing up in the church, I never doubted that God knew me as an individual, as his daughter, and as someone who had worth and was not secondary to any one of his children male or female. So this question surprised me initially, but I had known this, and still do know this with every fiber of my being. I usually answer this question with another question "Why can't men have babies?" and the answer is a resounding "no one knows. That's just the way it is." We live in a male dominated society, yes, but that doesn't mean that we have to live in male-dominated frames of mind. As women, we have a divine nurturing power. This power is unique, and though not celebrated by the world, is more necessary to life as we know it than "being a man". We don't hold the priesthood because we don't need to; we receive all of the blessings from it anyway. I hope that one day every woman will realize that the ability to bear children is a wonderful blessing, and isn't secondary to anything manly. We don't need to hold the priesthood, we need to value motherhood. After all, its just as much, if not more, important a responsibility to hold. Show more Show less