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Hi I'm Marissa Ames

I'm a fantasy author, an urban homesteader, a martial artist. I'm a mom and a wife. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an author of fantasy novels, a wife, and a mother. I'm also an urban homesteader who raises a huge garden and blogs about poultry for a national magazine. For family activities, we practice the martial arts and compete in fitness competitions. And we cook. There is a lot of cooking going on at our house. Though I was born in South Carolina, I grew up in rural Idaho. My parents were both Mormons, descendants of the pioneers who crossed the plains. Religion was a regular part of my life. So was creativity, originality, free thinking, and responsible decision making. My parents taught us that you are responsible for your life, for the physical and spiritual aspects of it. You can't expect good things if you don't seek good things.

Why I am a Mormon

Our trials shape us. They make us who we are. If we face them with an open heart, it's easier to see our Heavenly Father's hand in all of them. We can see how we are better people, better parents, better spouses after the trials are over. Each trial I have encountered has come with a promise, a proof, that our Father has plans for each of us. He knows who I'm supposed to become. He's just waiting for me to work with him and become that amazing person. And if He has so much faith in me, so much confidence, who am I to argue? Really, I see elements in this religion that I can't imagine living without. I've found an amazing husband and we have some amazing children. This religion teaches me that death isn't the end. Death doesn't rend families asunder. We can be together after we die. Marriage is designed by our Heavenly Father to sustain us as equal but unique partners. Men and women each have a role in the family, and many of those details can vary family to family. As long as we follow the pattern of Christ, and keep the precepts of the Gospel in mind as we govern our families, we can reach a level of individuality and overall joy that we never thought possible. Living the Gospel makes us free. It keeps us out of addictions and destructive behavior patterns that can enslave us. It gives us guidelines to follow, and a community to help us when we stumble. Christ has given us the Plan of Salvation, a means to repair the damage that we all cause to ourselves when we make mistakes. It's a plan of hope. It's the way. It's what I'll follow forever.

How I live my faith

I love teaching children. On Sundays, I teach the children who are turning 7 and 8 years old, who are reaching the age of accountability where they are responsible for their own paths in their lives. It's such a critical age. Waiting until the teen years to teach about our Heavenly Father leaves out the priceless age when testimonies are so strong and when the Gospel just makes sense. Seeing the comprehension in their young eyes strengthens my own testimony.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Marissa Ames
We all take part in teaching and sharing our religion. Some of us may only teach a one-hour class on Sundays, while others dedicate two years of service to the Church. "Callings" keep us busy helping people, and they give us active ways to grow our testimonies. Our faith encompasses our entire lives, and by living our faith, we share it with others. We are all clergy. We are also doctors, teachers, businesspeople, parents, students, etc. Show more Show less