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Hi I'm Tim Adams

I'm a Father of 4 boys and two girls, and I'm a paint contractor in Oregon therefore I paint houses between showers!

About Me

I am a Father of 6 kids, and just one wife! They do their best to keep me busy. In fact it is hard to define who I am without them. I am a paint contractor in the Northwest and among the things I like to do is color consultation. It is amazing to me to see how color works in nature; and I try to combine those colors into peoples homes.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was younger I studied a lot of gospel topics and often thought that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints stands well on its own side by side Biblical apologetics; so much so that I thought if I had enough time with anyone who was intellectually honest I could prove this restored Gospel was the only one on earth that made sense. Time and time again I found answers to questions that I found nowhere else. The historical accounts, themes, symbolic structures in language and writing, archeological evidence acquired on this continent, etc. put together by someone with a very limited education, shows that something or someone greater than a single man organized the material of this restored Gospel. In reality, that is not how I received knowledge of the truth. The scriptures teaches that a man or woman should seek out truth; and then if it be right go on bended knee and petition God if it be so. So it was when I was just 18, I too went before the Lord in earnest prayer and received such a manifestation as I never thought possible. The answer did not just come to my intellect between my two ears, but it also burned brightly in my heart. I never knew before that time, that God really knew who I was, but after that experience not only did he know who I was, but also that he loved me. This is the kind of experience that can last a lifetime. How glad I am that God can and will answer our prayers. Not just once but many times throughout a life time.

How I live my faith

I have had the privilege to grow up in the area of upstate New York and as a young teenager wander the hills and woods where Joseph Smith had his first vision and where he received the Golden plate that were later translated into what we call the "Book of Mormon". I experienced profound truths coming to grips with what really happened near his home. This has later led me to serve a full time Mission for my faith in Holland. Curiosity for spiritual things has always made me wonder why things happened the way they have both historically and scripturally and I feel my life is sort of a quest to find solutions to the questions that the scriptures are not so clear about. My testimony of faith has been rewarded time and time again; I therefore seek opportunities to encourage others to do what I have done. Get the answers that will propel you forward, because the answers are there. One of my hobbies is writing. I have written a book called "Pattern of the Heavens" and am in the process of writing another book called "Similitudes". Both books are about patterns I have found in the scriptures that match patterens in the natural world. Writing has been the greatest value to me in expressing my thoughts and solidifying ideas so that they can expressed to others. In my Church I have been asked to assist missionaries in teaching the gospel. I love talking to people about my faith and about theirs. I am comforted to know many outside my faith have a deep relationship with God, and these conversations bring me great satisfaction.