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Hi I'm Abby

I was born with no left hand. I love to sing, and I love to smile and laugh. I am a Mormon. :-D

About Me

I lived in Orlando, Florida, for twelve years of my life before my family and I finally moved to Cordova, Tennessee, where we live now. I have three little siblings, although they are not so little anymore: my little brother who is 19, and my two little sisters who are 17 and 13. Both my parents worked, so I was the full-time Super Soccer Sister. I was born with no left hand, but it doesn't bother me; I love it! It just gives me another reason to do my best and prove I can do whatever an 'abled' person can do. I love to sing, and yes, I was in choir until I finished high school. I love to smile and laugh, and I do my best to make sure everyone else around me does the same. I started my freshman year of college last fall, and I really enjoyed it! Now that I am nineteen, though, I'm taking some time off to go on a mission for my church. Currently, I am serving in the Nebraska Omaha Mission, specifically the Mormon Trail Center at the Historic Winter Quarters Site, and I love it! After I come back, I plan to complete my college education at Brigham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho, and I am majoring in Psychology so I can be of help to others in the best way I can. I love my life and Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. I'm not saying that my life is all rose petals and bubble gum. Life isn't easy or fair or even nice most of the time. That does not mean I will give up. Life is tough, but so am I! I'm not preaching or accusing. This is my story, and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I am not a convert to the church, but, rather, I was Born into the Covenant. This basically means that I was born into the church, though I was still baptized at age eight. From the time I was little, I was taught the basics of the gospel: Christ's Atonement, choosing right from wrong, faith, repentance, etc. I grew up hearing stories of both ancient and modern-day miracles. However, just being taught about the gospel wasn't enough; I had to live it. To this day, I am still doing my best to live a righteous life, and even though I'm not perfect and I probably will never be, that's okay. Heavenly Father never asked us to be perfect; all He wants is for us to try our best to keep His Commandments and follow His teachings. As for why I choose to be a member of His church, the answer is simple: I want to be together in Heaven with my Heavenly Father and my brother Jesus Christ and my earthly family for all eternity after I die. When compared with this great and glorious blessing, living the way Heavenly Father wants me to live becomes surprisingly easier to do. And though my life isn't the "snap my fingers and it's smooth sailing" kind, just this promised blessing makes my burdens seem a little lighter and my life seem a bit easier to manage.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith every day of my life. I try to share my testimony with other people I meet, even if it is only bits and pieces of it. Specifically, I have been called as the Branch Music Chorister/Director in my branch at home. This big, fancy title means that I was in charge of not only picking out the hymns we sing on Sunday, but it also means that I was in charge of getting together any special musical numbers or choral pieces and programs to be performed during our Sunday worship services. In addition to all of that, I also had to direct/conduct the hymns and some of the choral pieces and programs. I had this calling for more than a year, and though I have no idea how my calling has impacted others, I have been immensely blessed by it. Working with hymns and music has brought me closer to my Heavenly Father, and now I can truthfully say that I have a song in my heart always! Currently, I am serving a mission for my church. I love it, but I'll be honest: this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do! This is also the closest I have been to my Heavenly Father and to His children (namely us), and I feel I have grown immensely as a person and as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for this opportunity God has blessed me with so that I may serve His children! Yes, it is SO hard, but it is also SO worth it, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!