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Hi I'm Alex

My future may be uncertain, my dreams seemingly out of reach. But one thing will always be sure, I love being a Mormon.

About Me

I am Arizona-born and -raised. I just completed my first year of college, majoring in psychology and planning to minor in vocal performance, as singing is one of my passions. I am also passionate about healthy eating and lifestyles, rendering service, and dancing. I am a klutz and a goof beneath an often serious disposition. I have a love for puns, pole vaulting, hiking and basically all things outdoors (but I don't like staying dirty for too long, being a bit of a clean freak and perfectionist). I have been to more foreign countries than I have states in the US. I am more of a zoo person than I am a pet person. I am a tutor for kindergarten through third graders. I went to four different high schools. I love learning, but despise homework. I enjoy reading and painting, but seldom have time to do either leisurely. I love having deep talks and forming genuine connections. I am preparing to be a full-time missionary. These are some of the characteristics that make me unique, but do not define me. Above all, I am a daughter of God and a representative of His Son, my Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has proven to be the one constant in my life. I can always turn to its teachings for comfort and peace and guidance. How can an organization whose foundation is Jesus Christ and whose fruits are altruistic be wrong? And even more than that, I receive regular personal witnesses from the Holy Spirit that The Book of Mormon is true, we have living prophets and apostles who have authority and power from God to guide and direct His people, and that this is Jesus Christ's church, restored through Joseph Smith to mankind, after being corrupted for a time. These and all other truths that the Spirit testifies of to me make sense both in my mind and to my heart. Living in accordance with the teachings of this church have brought abounding richness and joy to my life. Much of that deep happiness has come as I have seen the Atonement of Jesus Christ change others lives and my own. I need Christ's power daily to strengthen and cleanse me, because I inevitably fall short and fail every single day. Without Christ, I am nothing. This is His church. I choose to be a member of it ultimately because I want to become more like Him so that I can live with my Heavenly Father again.

How I live my faith

I strive to reach out to at least one person everyday, because that gives me joy and because that's how the Savior serves--one by one. I recognize that my time is not truly my time, but is a gift from God; thus, I seek to use my time as He would have me. Such is what brings me joy and a sense of fulfilling peace. I have taught the 7- and 8-year-olds in Sunday school, been a part of a church activities planning committee, held various presidency positions in church youth programs, and been a member of an institute of religion's student council. I also regularly serve in various committees and programs in my community to serve my neighbors in need. I strive to align my daily actions with my core beliefs and to keep my end of the sacred promises that I have made with my Heavenly Father. It is my lifelong journey to grow closer to Jesus Christ and become like Him, which goal requires constant correction and humbling, because I am far from perfect, so much of living my faith requires trying again. Showing my faith to God and worshipping Him is not a matter of grandiose gestures, but is a matter of small, everyday actions--that's how I live my faith in Jesus Christ.