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Hi I'm Allison Havens

I'm the youngest of 3, and have 2 fathers in heaven. I can live with them forever, because I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love families. I love the innocence of children. I love to laugh. I love this gospel, and the way it can change lives. I've seen it make a difference in the lives of those who understand the importance and start to live it. It is easier to live the gospel and be happy than be bound by the chains of Satan. I have seen his influence in many instances. He is not very nice. I Love reading the scriptures, they have so much power in them, and I love the different accounts they give about the lives of the people who lived back then and how different the times were than they are now. How dedicated those people were to God! I love nature and want to explore every inch of this wonderful world that was created for me, and explore every beautiful thing and wonder its purpose. I love learning and want to know everything I can. Every time I have a question about this gospel, I ask it, and either immediately, or later I get my answer, through studying the scriptures, or by someone who has done a lot more studying. I enjoy more than any worldly thing to spend time with my family. They are the best thing I have on this earth, and despite the challenges we have faced, I wouldn't trade the way things have happened or my life now for any other. Try to bribe me with money, but no amount can bring me as much happiness as the things I have now; the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and my eternal family. I AM a child of God, and I KNOW he loves me, because he gave me these things.

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate enough to grow up in this gospel. Since I can remember I have been reading The Book of Mormon along with the Bible. I remember my mom would gather us up to read with us a chapter from the Book of Mormon, and would put mine and my siblings names in place of the word gentiles, and I always thought that was annoying, but now I can appreciate the meaning of this. As I got older and was able to make my own decisions, whether to go to church or not, often times I would say, "I'm too tired, I'd rather sleep longer." well soon enough I stopped reading my scriptures. To say the least, it was a domino effect. I found myself unhappy, struggling for peace in my life. What was happening to me? I wasn't always worthy for the special gift I had received when I was 8... where did you take my peace, my happiness? I don't blame the holy ghost for not wanting to be around me all the time, I wasn't as pleasant as I should have been. This was the turning point in my life. I wanted more than the happiness of man, I wanted the joy of Christ. I started my recovery program of going to church and reading from the Book of Mormon, and when I found myself being a little snot, I would think about what I was doing and make a conscious decision to be nice. I eventually came to the knowledge of going on a mission, and that's where I'm at now, and learning even more about this gospel has truly converted me. I have no desire to become inactive and KNOW this is where the Lord wants me to be. He has a plan for everyone and has made it known to me that I am on the right track. I continue to pray everyday to know the next step; what should I do now? Ask sincerely any question, he will answer you.

How I live my faith

I am currently serving an 18 month mission in South Carolina. Leaving my family back home to serve the Lord had never been a desire of mine; I love them too much to be away from them for so long.Since I lost my father in 2000, I didn't know what would happen. Being so young, I cleaved to my family for support. Not being enough, I knelt down to ask my father in heaven to help me, help me know my dad was okay and that he still loves me. Going through this helps me share about how this gospel offers eternal families. I know that if I do what the Lord requires, I will be able to live with both of my fathers again. Something I have come to realize growing up, is that it's not what we want to do in life, it's what the Lord wants. Accepting his will is very hard, especially if it goes against your own. Once we do this, we will find ourselves filled with happiness that the things we learned on His path were the things we really needed. Everything that we go through throughout our day prepares us for the next day. We are never given a trial without a purpose. Trust in the Lord and he will direct thy paths.