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Hi I'm Linda

I'm a Mom of 7, a stroke survivor and a woman business owner. I grew up in Racine WI. and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My most important life experience so far has been being a Mom to 5 boys and 2 girls. I've created and run a variety of businesses of my own as well as family ventures. I love to swim and I'm an advanced card carrying scuba diver. I've been lucky enough to be able do this on 100's of dives in Hawaii, Mexico, California and the Texas Gulf. I enjoy cooking and baking. Reading is a daily hobby for me. History, fiction, non fiction, spiritual and self empowerment books. I adore my 20 grandchildren and enjoy reading to the younger ones and finding books I think the older ones will benefit from. I enjoy all things related to movies. Film appreciation classes have made me a quasi-critic and I'm probably not fun to go to a movie with strictly for entertainment. I love what I consider classics both old and new in books and movies. Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Harry Potter, Stefanie Meyers. I enjoy reading American History and Latter Day Saint Church History. I'm a mother, sister, grandmother, soon to be great grandmother, business woman, missionary, friend, therapist and part time legal adviser to family and friends. I believe in the adage, "If you want something done ask a busy person." I have a permanent disability that effects my walking from a severe stroke 5 years go and I work hard at continuing my life in making the most of every day that I have the blessing to live. I believe there is so much to do and now is the time.

Why I am a Mormon

I met the Mormon missionaries about 40 years ago when they knocked on my door and I was a young mother of two. I had a lot of questions regarding Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I considered myself a religious person and know that I had a relationship with Christ and my Heavenly Father from the time I was a young child. I was struggling with some of the beliefs that were held in the faith of my youth regarding infant baptism and questions I had regarding the after earth life. I wanted to teach my children things I knew were true. Things that made sense. My father had died when I was young and I desired to know if I could have the close relationship with the members of my family that had passed on. When two missionaries who were younger than myself taught me about Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation, for the first time it felt like a big puzzle I was putting together finally had all the pieces. I understood where I came from and where I was going and most importantly there was a clear and distinct path to get there. My understanding of this plan of my Heavenly Father has grown and increased continually since that time. I continue to live His gospel plan because I have experienced that it is true and it brings joy, happiness and comfort in every area of my life. I would not want to live without the inspiration and peace that is continually poured out the closer I live my beliefs. The more I participate in the gospel the better my life gets. I have thought to myself many times, "I don't know how people get through their trials, difficulties, indecisions and the turmoil of life without the direction, knowledge and understanding that comes through the spirit and the Lord's gospel here on the earth." I know this is true not because someone has told me this but rather because I have put it to the test and found out for myself.

How I live my faith

I like to teach at church. I've been involved in teaching the children and youth of our Church for quite a few years and I love it. I've also had opportunities to learn teaching techniques to work with handicapped children. I've been able to use these teacher skills at church and also helping out in our local schools. I've spent the most time working with autistic children and they have taught me so much. Right now I am teaching in our women's classes once a month. I get to lead discussions from talks given in our twice annual televised General Conferences. It is great to hear the thoughts and experiences of other women both young and old relating to our shared interest in spiritual values and ways to improve living our lives. What I like best about living my faith is the continuing opportunities to learn grow and develop my talents and leadership skills. Whatever part of my life I'm involved in, there is always practical application of my beliefs that provides benefit to me and opportunities to pass along the knowledge I've learned from others. Although I live far away from some of my extended family I am always surrounded by loving members of my church family who I need and they need me. The experience I've gained from participating in our lay ministry has not only strengthened my faith and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ, It has also strengthen my self confidence and the joy I feel in taking on new challenges in business and interactions with my community. My faith teaches me to look for life's opportunities for joy each day as I keep the quote-"What ere thou art, act well thy part"; before me. I feel confident when I follow the direction of our living Prophet Thomas S. Monson and the counsel of living apostles. My faith gives my life a great measure of beauty, happiness and peace despite the confusion that takes place in the world around me. My faith keeps me grounded in seeing and recognizing the good.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

One of my responsibilities as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recently was to teach a Sunday School class last year where we studied and discussed the Old Testament Prophets, Prophecies and their teachings. It has become common knowledge that the person who teaches always learns the most since there are so many hours of study that go in to presenting a lesson discussion. Even though the Old Testament has been a part of my scripture study since I was a child, I was amazed at how much I continue to learn as the years go by and I continue to study the teachings of the Old & New Testament and the Book of Mormon, whose scriptures are another Testimony of Jesus Christ, his Mission and his Plan for us. Applying the teachings in the scriptures, studying the life of Christ, the prophecies and prophets of the Old Testament benefits my life and I am glad that over the years I have applied the encouragements of modern day Prophets and apostles to study the scriptures daily. I particularly enjoyed learning how to understand Isaiah and Jeremiah better and felt a closer relationship to them and the difficulties and challenges of the times they were living in. Show more Show less