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Hi I'm Joel Laitinen

I am a Finnish Mormon, a Missionary in Australia Sydney South Mission, and I'm a guy who loves his friends, sports and music!

About Me

Country where I come from is very dear to me. It's a great country, pretty easy to live in and well taken care of :) It's not perfect, but I wouldn't mind living there for the rest of my life - this is FINLAND. I come from a family that has given me a lot of teachings, moral advice and support. While I did not always understand and could have been more grateful, it is true and I'm indebted to my parents not to forget my brother and sister. I love playing floor ball, soccer, badminton, basketball and volleyball. Touch or Footie is new to me - got to know that while serving in Australia. Not really my thing. Floor ball is my passion. It makes my blood boil the right way, it's fast: demands you all the time to make split-of-a-second decisions. 'Enduring to the end' principle is written all over this sport :D Also I'm keen as to join downhill skiing and hiking :) I listen everyday to various music or sing myself. I really like Epic, Classic, Piano, Dubstep, Movie and Game Soundtracks. Can't play instruments yet. I go for Manga and Anime as well. There's a lot of time/life wasting ones out there, be careful. I played lots of video-games before... I also love to sing. I've always had this desire but serving God on my Mission has given me a chance to sing more than ever. Finishing in Australia soon! I have come to know my purpose on earth and after this life. God has answered my prayers and given me both experiences and blessings which testify that He exists and loves us.

Why I am a Mormon

Because coming to know my God, the truth and the way to happiness has brought into my life such a change I don't ever want to consider any other way of life than His. I also really don't want people to go through unnecessary pain. I've found that there is immeasurable amount of wisdom and peace in the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I do fail however and the need to repent is constantly there. He has redeemed me from an awful present and a future. What I mean is that without Him I would be lost and broken, following randomly this and that of the world. I want to be saved, with my family, I want others to find out for themselves and experience this joy I have and continue to receive!

How I live my faith

Every morning and day I pray to my Heavenly Father 'in the name of Jesus Christ', I ask for advice, strength and Christlike attributes for the day, thank for my blessings and for the aid I have received from Him. My prayers are different every morning. And what is really special to me: it is not only a request list or me talking to air, I know we have a continuing conversation, Heavenly Father and I :) I hope that I can every week affect somebody's life through God's guidance. I know that I'm but one dot on the surface of earth and yet: I also know that I'm a child of God. While that still makes me one person around billions, my abilities being insignificant, with His immeasurable knowledge, power and teachings, nothing is impossible. I believe in miracles, they are true and happen around us everywhere, everyday. So why not in your life as well? Learning to love, becoming stronger in testimony and as a person, having fun and sharing my time and life with my friends and a possible spouse in the future - these things keep me both happy and on the straight path back to my Heavenly Father. This gospel teaches me also to learn how to repent, change and honor my Baptism and other covenants and promises I've made with God - and to one day have the amazing privilege of having an Eternal Life with God and Jesus Christ in their presence. Reading a talk called "The 4th Missionary" has changed my life and continues to do so. It testifies for example about 'life is hard, gospel is easy', and that doing our best in following commandments and 'rules' actually makes us free: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31–32)

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Joel Laitinen
As the other Scriptures and revelations we believe in, we also and still hold the Holy Bible in great value. It is read and studied in the Church, at home, with friends etc. It is the Word of God. Ancient prophets and God's chosen people have written it by the influence of the Holy Ghost. Holy Bible is a testament of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon is another testament which supports the Bible, the doctrine, guidance and the commandments in them. Show more Show less