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Hi I'm Elijah

I'm currently serving in the Tongan mission, I've had difficult times but I know Christ's Atonement is for all who come unto him.

About Me

About me? I'm currently serving in the Tongan mission speaking in the Tongan language. I'm only fresh on my mission but am looking forward to trusting in the Lord in all things whatsoever it may be. I know that my redeemer lives. He helps me by day and by night. I come from a big family with older brothers and younger sisters. My two older brothers are inactive and have been for a long time. My other brother comes to church but is still undecided about serving a mission. I've felt sorrow and sadness seeing my brothers not choose to serve a mission. However I know undoubtedly that it's what I must do to help bring about Zion here on earth. My favorite sports are any that involve running. So football, netball, soccer and so forth! I love the competition that comes with playing these sports. I work in childcare between the ages of 6 weeks - 5/6 years old. I love my workplace and I love working with children. I'm able to teach them in a fun and caring way. I plan to study a teaching degree that allows me to work with children up to Grade 6 primary school.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon? or better yet, Why I am still a Mormon? I've been brought up since birth as a Mormon. No not always as my parents divorced each other early in my life that I can't remember. However my mother did become active in the Church again, though I do not remember these events. My personal conversion happened when I found where my testimony foundation was laid was begining to shake and crumble. I had based my testimony off of my oldest three brothers. The oldest two became inactive and after some time, I found that my last brother was not progressing in the Gospel. As I said, my foundation was starting to shake beneath me. For awhile I was upset at the news. However I started my journey of building a personal foundation upon Jesus Christ. As I did this I began having personal experiences that confirmed and reinforced what I had been taught in my youth. I began to make the personal decision to prepare myself for a mission. TO CHOOSE AND NOT CHOSEN FOR. So, from there on I began reading the Book of Mormon with an earnest desire to learn Christ's Gospel. I'm ever thankful for my brothers for leading and guiding me a way on the path. I thank my mother who also helped guide me on the path. I thank Heavenly Father for preparing a way whereby I may return to Him. I thank Jesus Christ for the sure foundation which I may build upon and will never crumble. I know the Church is true. I cannot deny that which I have had too many experiences of confirmation reaffirmation. I know as we put our earnest desire in finding out the truth for ourselves and not because others want us to, I know that we will receive answers according to our desire, devotion and faith. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

How I live my faith? I never really asked myself that question but I'm able to answer it easily. Every Sunday I go to Sacrament meeting, Sunday classes afterwards and Priesthood meeting after that. I participate in the Young Single Adults (Y.S.A) activities when they are held and have a good friendship with other Y.S.A in my ward. I attend Missionary Preparation classes to help me learn how to be a more confident and fluent Missionary. I don't attend ward activities as often as they are held. However I know the activities that I do attend have a profound affect upon me and my day. Service projects always bring a smile upon my face even through a cold morning start to the service.