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Hi I'm Neils Nygaard

I grew up in Japan from the age of five. I went to High school in England, and am attending BYU-I. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to do just about anything that puts me out of my comfort zone. Not all the time though. For example, I am terrified of heights, not like when I'm in a skyscraper and I'm perfectly safe behind a thick window, but when I'm on the top of a large cliff that I just climbed up and I'm about to repel down again. I love hiking as well, especially in the winter. I'm fairly decent at skiing as I have been doing it since age 11. I love swimming and was on the swim team throughout middle school but when we moved to England for high school, there was no pool available,I was unable to continue. My family loves to visit a lake in North Carolina during the summers, in which go water skiing or tubing, and some day, wake-boarding. I love to drive. Anybody who knows me will know that driving is one of my favorite pastimes. The freedom of being behind the wheel on back country roads is exhilarating to me. One of my dreams that I someday will accomplish, is to own a 1970's Chevy Corvette C3 Stingray, which is the most beautiful car ever designed. I love to draw and design new cars as well, and my dream job is just that, car designer. I would love to bring back the classic looks of cars though I'm torn because if we did that, the classics wouldn't quite be classics anymore. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I'm about. I'm currently on my mission, in the MTC, about to leave to go to Fukuoka, Japan, I'm very excited and I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing right now.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young I didn't know if it was a testimony in Christ, or my parents dragging me to church each week. I had always wanted a brother in the family, being the only boy with two older sisters. I begged my mom for a boy for the longest time, until a number of years later I realized it wasn't that simple. It wasn't until I was 15, attending EFY, I came to understand that I do have an older brother, the best older brother in existence. Jesus Christ is my older brother, and he does look out for me and he will always listen to me when I have troubles. I cannot wait for the day when we are reunited in flesh and bone so I can see him in person. I know that this is actually a common belief outside of the church but there is more that this ties into. When you start studying and understanding Heavenly Father's plan, you can really begin to realize, just how much he loves us. Joseph Smith, our prophet, was once shown the Telestial Kingdom and he said that if any man was to see it, they would opt to go there immediately. When I hear that, I receive a motivation, thinking, if that is how good the lowest kingdom is, how good is the highest degree of the highest Kingdom. We are also taught that we will not be put anywhere in these three kingdoms where we would not feel comfortable. The choice is ours. I choose to go to the Celestial Kingdom, so that I can be with my father in heaven again. And so I can have my older brother. God's eternal plan is exactly the reason why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I grew up in and have always loved the church, and have always appreciated and tried to excel in my callings. My favorite calling however, has been ward missionary. I had the opportunity to go out with the missionaries 4 or 5 times a week for several months, and there is no place I would rather be, than on the mission field. The amount of spiritual experiences I have had before then could not amount to the few months I spent with the missionaries. Living in North Carolina with this calling, has been a serious blessing. In the Bible belt we have run into many people who disdain us because they don't know anything about us and don't want to have to learn about a new religion. In other cases, we have come across people who invite us in, and treat us with respect because they were proud that there are Christians like us who will work all day every day in the heat of the summer to bring the gospel to those who don't have it. When it seems like people don't want to listen, I like to explain that living the word of God is our happiness, that nothing makes us happier than to believe in God and know that he loves us. All we want to do is to show others that happiness. Learning about the afterlife is one of the most spiritual realizations. When people have lost loved ones, such as spouses or children, we can confidently explain to them that they aren't gone. That they're just waiting, cheering you on, and that some day you will be reunited.