What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Amy

I am a full time mum from Lancashire, living in Liverpool. I love singing and anything crafty and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First and foremost I love being a mum and spending time with my family. Walks in the park, playing games, and just chatting. I have been married for 10 years to my US husband. I love to do anything with my hands for example, paint, draw, DIY, baking, cooking (my kids say i should be on Masterchef, but I don't think a good Lancashire stew is creative enough, no matter how good it tastes!) and sewing. I also love singing. I speak Finnish which I learned whilst serving as a church missionary in the Finland Helsinki mission from 2001-2003. I also enjoy tidying/cleaning due to my OCD and find it really rewarding even if it doesn't last very long. A big hobby of mine is Family History. Its exciting to find out who I am related to and any other little life stories I can find out.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, which means that my parents were baptised into the church before I was born. However, this isn't a guarantee that any LDS member will stay in the church. Like everyone else in the church, I had to find out for myself if this was what I wanted in life and whether I truly believed it. growing up, little things here and there gave me a glimpse of the truth, but it wasn't till I became a missionary in Finland, that things really changed for me. I had to pray and ask Heavenly Father if the church and all its teaching were true. Through the Holy Ghost, I feel he gave me my answer and I haven't looked back. Since getting an answer, I have seen so many little and big miracles, and had so many wonderful personal experiences that have made me feel like God has literally said, 'I'm here Amy, and this is all true'. I continue to experience those feelings as I daily make a conscientious, and sometimes hard choice, to choose good, so that I can become what God what me to become and do what He wants me to do, knowing that from past experience, everything he asks of me will only make me a better person, and make my family happier. I have reason to hope. I have reason to believe. I have reason to be happy and it is all because of the Gospel in my life.

How I live my faith

At the moment I am serving with the 12-18 girls in our congregation. I seem to have spent most of my church life serving among this age group and absolutely love how rewarding it is. These young ladies are amazing examples to me and being in a position that sometimes lets me share a bit of wisdom or my own feelings about the church, is a wonderful experience. Within my own personal life, I just try every day to make a conscious effort to do those seemingly little things, that actually have a huge daily affect. I am not perfect at doing them, but we try, as a family to put 100% effort into it. These daily things include praying, speaking nicely to each other, looking for opportunities to help someone, taking casually about the gospel and also reading from The Book of Mormon and Bible as a family and individually. We try to explain what each passage means as we read it, so that the kids can see how something written so long ago can still apply to them today. Monday night is Family Home evening and we try to have a little lesson about a church teaching - whilst the kids are bouncing around- and then finish with a game and a treat. Sunday is family day at church. After church, we try to do things on this day that help us keep the day special and sacred. As a family we just try to be the 'nice family on the block' and practice what we preach, so that we aren't necessarily going out of our way to preach to our neighbours and friends, but that the way we act, how we treat each other and what we do, will be an example to others of what we believe.

How does the Church finance its operations?

Some members are fortunate and generous enough to make personal donations to the church, but as members of the church our main source of income is 'Tithing' which means we give 10% of our income to the church. We can also pay other voluntary offerings such as money to help educate those who wouldn't otherwise have the funds, money to help send those who can't afford it, to the temple, money to help pay for all the missionaries and their work, and also money to help all those around the world affected by war, natural disaster, adverse weather etc.The money that is raised through tithing ensures that our church is completely self sustaining and independant and free from debt in all its operations. These include anything from building chapels, to providing books and manuals. But that doesn't mean that the way the money is used is restricted to just church members. We are taught that we have an obligation to help others, regardless of their faith and circumstance. It is also important to know that none of the church's clergy are paid for their work. All work is 100% voluntary and no money from tithing is used to pay anyone working in such positions within the church. Show more Show less