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Hi I'm John

I really enjoy music. I love to surf, camp, mountain bike or anything else outside. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in southern California and moved to Utah when I was about 10-years-old. After living in southern Utah for a short time, my parents divorced. My dad moved back down to California where we used to live since he was going down all the time for work. My older brother, Joel, and I moved down there to be with him. We all kind of helped each other out with the dividing of the family through working together and spending time in the ocean together. Today, all of my siblings communicate and we see each other on a very regular basis. My parents get along well and have even started dating again. I see this as a huge blessing in my life. I guess I'm a pretty average person. I go to school and my wife works full-time while I work part-time. We got married about 2 years ago and we are just trying to figure out life like I would imagine everyone else does. I'm happy I'm with the woman I am and happy to be where I am. When I was 19, I served a two year mission in Bulgaria as a full-time missionary. It was challenging for me to share something so special to me to people who had a completely different understanding to my religion than I did, but I learned a lot. I mostly learned to be accepting of everyone and their beliefs, a principal I plan on living my life by forever.

Why I am a Mormon

To understand why I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one would have to understand who I am. I don't even know where I got my curiosity, but I always try to "figure things out" in life. Whether it be some weird machine or how to open a cereal box the "right way." When I was a senior in high school, life started to become a little less convenient for me. I moved back to Utah my last year of high school to a place that I have never even been to. For some reason at this time in my life, I started to become a bit more rebellious than I had ever been. In "Mormon Culture," young men usually around 18-19 years of age start to prepare themselves to serve as full-time missionaries for two years. As this deadline so to speak was nearing me, I started questioning why I was even going. It made me mad that instead of me making a good choice in life and giving up two years of my youth to be a full-time missionary, I was simply doing what I was "supposed" to do. This eventually led me to try and figure things out for myself. Why was I going to do this and did it really matter what anyone else thought? Looking back, I don't think it did. There may have been some pretty upset people had I not gone on a mission, but that would not be nearly as important as me figuring out what I should do on my own. I wanted to know for sure that the church I grew up in was not just another church. I wanted to challenge my own beliefs about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I tried to filter out all the stuff that would make my opinions biased and just think as another human, curious about his existence. Both in present times and in past, this church along with the Book of Mormon and its teachings have answered all of my questions in full. It has and will continue to fill the voids I find in life. This church was restored as Jesus Christ's church back to the earth for all mankind. I know this is true!

How I live my faith

My wife and I teach the youth (ages 12-13) in a Sunday school class. I love teaching about the gospel mostly because of how much I learn. It is also a great way to build companionship with my wife. I think we particularly love the age group we teach so much because of how well we can relate to them. It wasn't that long ago we were on the other end of the class so we remember how important it is to keep things loose with them and gain a good relationship in and out of the class room. Being young in today's society can be challenging and it feels good to help young people out.