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Hi I'm Kayle

Music defines me. Basketball and guitar are my life. I love the beach and sun. Family means the world to me. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Music, friends, beach, and kicking back. Really there is no substitute for these remedies. I believe it came from my surroundings growing up in California. I love going to the beach, swimming, and playing the guitar as a result of it. I even played water-polo for a few years of my life that gave me an added love for the water. Currently I'm a sophomore in college at BYU studying accounting. I have found a subject that I am passionate about and will hopefully sustain me in my dreams of being a professional beach bum. I'm 6' 5" and use my height for about the only thing it really is good for, basketball. While I'm nothing amazing my height does give me a slight edge over most others, but mostly I love the company of friends and fun that comes from the game. I grew up in the Church attending actively the meetings in person, but in heart and testimony I may as well have never attended. I praised myself for playing devil's advocate through it all. I learned from this however that those you personify truly take their toll on you. I came to know for myself during my first year at college that there is one above me. I came to know that God exists and how to experience true happiness through prayer and living by the protecting guidelines of His commandments. This change has led me to desire so much the same for others that I am serving a mission in Pennsylvania to help the people here find greater peace. I do it all and enjoy it all because I know who I am and who God is!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church but put very little effort into knowing if God even existed and as a result I never came to know for myself. I lived life rather normally. I was going through the motions but nothing really happened. I felt like I was moving yet staying in place, that I was living only to make it to the next day. I failed to see the point, the joy, the happiness in life that so many others had claimed to find. As I went away to college I strayed more and more away from the teachings of my parents and the church tired of people setting rules in my life. I became more complacent than ever, moving yet going nowhere. After months of living this way in college I realized that everything I was doing was destructive. I was tired of causing so much pain for not only myself but also others. I needed relief. I wished and searched evermore for a way to escape the circumstances I had created for myself. Thankfully I had friends and family who consistently counseled me to find God. I realized that if what they were telling me was true I could be forgiven, purified, and redeemed from these mistakes. And so for the first real time in my life I cried out to Him with a true desire to know He existed. That He cared.That He loved. And as i offered up my whole heart and trust to Him I received the most undeniable feeling in my heart and mind that He lives! I cant describe how or why I was blessed with such a witness but the relief and love that came from Him in that time that I so desperately needed saved me. I did not deserve such love but because He loves unconditionally he forgave and helped me change. Through the blessings of the restored Church of Christ I have been able to fully partake in the blessings of the atonement. I have been cleansed of my sins through Christ! I found more of who He is through the Book of Mormon than anywhere else. That knowledge carries me from day to day. And it is because of that relief and knowledge that I'm proud to be a Mormon!

How I live my faith

There has only been one way manifest in my life through which I can live my faith and that is through my constant efforts to become who my Savior Jesus Christ is. Through Him I have found true relief from my struggles and doubts and have been comforted and lifted through some of the most depressing and trying times of my life. If it were not for the incomprehensible effect that He has made on me I would never have come to have this faith. Because I know that the relief He blessed me with is real and comes from no other source save Him only, I know that I must now lift others. Christ counseled his 12 apostles to lift others as they had been lifted. So changed He me, and brought His great light and love into my life, that I now desire and work for the same as a missionary in Pennsylvania. I had never thought that I would make it to be one of His servants from day to day for 2 years solid. I would outwardly tell others that i wanted to be a missionary growing up but inwardly never saw the point until I came to know who God is and experience of His Atonement. I know am blessed everyday with the opportunity to live my faith by sharing it with everyone that will listen and testifying of the redemptive power of our Savior Jesus Christ. His love extends to all. And the faith I have has shown me this. That even though life gets rough, seems impossible, becomes bleak and dark; still He is the answer and will guide us through. I know this now more than ever and the courage I take in Him to carry on and share His love with others through my efforts is how I live my faith. Never quit! He didn't quit on us! That is how I live my faith in Christ; everyday moving forward despite the circumstances and sadness and heartache that surely has and will grasp hold on every one of us. I live the faith through Him. He never quit and so neither can we!