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Hi I'm Caitlin Bailey

Born in raised Utah- the greatest state ever

About Me

Deep down I'm a swimmer. I feel more comfortable in the water than on land! So for 4 years I was a lifeguard. There is nothing like saving someone's live. It's a feeling I can't describe- you just have to experience it. I can't help but feel as if I made a difference in that person's life, whether that's true or not. I sometimes wonder.... what if I hadn't been there? What would've happened? In all I'm so grateful for that opportunity to help others out by literally guarding their lives. But I've hung up that whistle and packed up my swimming suit because now I am a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving the people of Kentucky Louisville- Spanish speaking. Instead of saving lives, I am saving souls! I love that feeling, only its 10x better!

Why I am a Mormon

I partly owe being Mormon to Brother King who baptized my grandfather while in the army together. My grandpa saw what an amazing example Brother King while the light of Christ emulated from him. Without Brother King my family may not have become members. I also owe being a Mormon to primary and young woman leaders who came to pick up my mom each week to take her to church events. I will forever be grateful to those faithful and exemplary people who may've been just doing a calling at the time. I have had to gain a testimony of this church. I am working everyday to become contentiously converted to this gospel. I know there is a heavenly father who knows and loves me and I know I have a big brother who loves me. He did something that no one else could do, he suffered for the sins of the world and part of it was specifically for my sins. I know that through him I can repent and be made clean again by the sacrament. I know that prayer is a very useful tool if you are willing to use it. Pray will open the windows of heaven that are otherwise closed to us. I know there was a boy who prayed, a humble and sincere pray that changed the world. I know this is the true church that Joseph Smith restored and that today it is lead by a loving prophet, Thomas S. Monson. He holds all the keys to the restored priesthood of this church. I know if we are faithful we can return home to live with this loving heavenly father and big brother forever. We can learn these important truths in the temples, which were created through divine inspiration. I have a testimony of work for the dead that happens in temples. That our ancestors are waiting for us to find them and bring the redeeming gospel to their lives so one day we can all be together. I know all these things to be true and I'm so grateful that I do. I don't know what I would do without all this knowledge and all of the experiences that have led me up to this point in my life....

How I live my faith

I am going to live my faith by leaving my family, friends, school and everything I own and love to do to serve a full time mission for the church for 18 months. This was no easy decision for me. The way I think of it is like if you were to find THE BEST bakery around town that served the most amazing cupcakes. You wouldn't just go to this bakery all the time by yourself to get a cupcake. Pretty soon that cupcake shop wouldn't be as special to you and you might feel guilty for knowing about this amazing place, but not sharing it. You always receive a fullness of joy when you share what you have with others- like taking a friend to this awesome bakery so they can experience this joy too. That is how I feel about sharing this restored true gospel! If I just sat around, continued going to school and doing my own selfish pleasures I wouldn't be receiving a fullness of joy. I would know that there are some people out there who don't have this restored gospel who need help to find it. That is where I want to come in. I know this gospel is true because I have seen it change lives, I have seen it change my life! I want to help share my faith with others by inviting them to come unto Christ and be perfected in him.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Caitlin Bailey
The most interesting thing to me is that we do not worship Joseph Smith we just have great respect for him. It is so special that we have someone who is like Moses or Abraham in the earth again. Show more Show less